Youth Arts Small Grant Scheme

Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme

This fund has now closed

The Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme was one strand of the Youth Arts Fund.

What is the Purpose of the fund?

The purpose of this fund is to support organisations to take ownership of the distribution of funding to meet needs in their sector or locality through empowering freelance youth arts practitioners to deliver activity for the benefit of children and young people. In addition, the fund aims to strengthen and broaden organisations’ connections with these practitioners.

Organisations and local authorities can apply for a small grants funding pot of up to £50,000 to distribute grants of £500–£5,000 directly to freelance artists/creative practitioners (locally, regionally or nationally), across all artforms, to deliver artist led youth arts activities. By artist led, we mean artists take the key lead in the design and delivery of collaborative projects.

What are the criteria for the fund?

Your application must clearly demonstrate that your organisation:

  • Has the capacity and knowledge to manage and disperse a small grants fund by March 2021. The grant distribution process must include shortlisting against criteria and a panel.
  • Has a track record in supporting youth arts activity
  • Is networked with – and able to communicate the opportunity to – professional youth arts practitioners
  • Will provide appropriate support and networking for the freelance artists/creative practitioners involved
  • Has capacity to monitor and report on the grants, including equalities, diversity and inclusion data

We will also ask organisations to show how the fund will benefit their connections with artists and their learning about artist led activity for children and young people.

Who can submit an application to this fund?

Creative Scotland are inviting applications from local authorities, arts organisations and third sector organisations to manage and distribute a small grants fund. Organisations applying do not need to have an arts focus but they do need to have a track record in supporting/delivering youth arts activity and the capacity to deliver a small grants fund.

Organisations may be eligible to also apply to the Youth Arts Access Fund; however, applicants will be required to make a strong case to evidence the need for additional funding. If you are intending on applying to the Access Fund, please make Creative Scotland staff aware before submitting any application so that you can discuss your proposal in further detail. Please contact Enquiries Team at

What is the overall budget for this fund and how much can we apply for?

The overall budget for this fund is £700,000 with at least £500,000 for music and up to £200,000 for wider art forms.

We welcome applications to distribute funds to freelance artists/creative practitioners working in one or more artforms. It is not a requirement for every applicant to support artists working in music. However, we will ensure at panel that funding is distributed overall to maintain the split above between music and wider artforms.

Organisations can apply for a grant of between £10,000 and £50,000. The focus of their fund can be local, regional or national. The grants they distribute to individual freelance artists/creative practitioners should be between £500 and £5,000.

All applicants can apply to cover 100% of their costs but applicants are welcome to include additional partnership funding.

How to apply

To apply to the Youth Arts Small Grants Scheme please download the Application Form below.

Alongside your application you are also required to submit a budget and the risk assessment (templates for both provided below), as well as additional supporting material (please see Page 7 of the guidance for further information on what you need to supply).


Publication of fund guidance, and application form: Thursday 24 September 2020

Deadline for applications: Monday 2 November 2020

Notify all applicants of decisions: Wednesday 9 December 2020

Small Grants Scheme launched: January – March 2021


Youth Arts Fund Small Grant Scheme Guidance

View and download the guidance in PDF format

Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Application Form

Download the application form in .docx format

Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme Risk Assessment Template

Download the risk assessment in .docx format

Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme Budget Template

Download the budget template in .xlsx format

Youth Arts Fund 2020-21 Small Grants Scheme End of Project Monitoring Form for Distributing Organisations

Download the Youth Arts Fund Small Grants Scheme End of Project Monitoring Form in Word document format.

Youth Arts Fund 2020-21 Interim Project Update Form

Download the Youth Arts Fund 2020-21 Interim Project Update Form in Word document format.

How to find out more information

If you need more information please contact our Enquiries Service using one of the methods outlined on our Contact Us page.