How to submit your supporting materials

Still from Dark Knight Rises (photo courtesy of Warner Brothers)

Many of our funding programmes require applicants to submit supporting materials along with the application form. If these materials include music tracks, video materials, or photographs we ask applicants to submit content as follows:

Our preferred formats for supporting materials are:

  • Audio/Video - your audio and video should be made available online and links shared with us for consideration. There are a number of ways that you can share such materials and the following are provided as examples only. Please ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions of any online service that you use before sharing your materials with us. In many cases you can make materials private and limited to a specific, hidden web link. You can then share that link with us via email – this may be useful if you do not wish the materials to be openly available:

    SoundCloud allows you to upload audio files which can be Public or Private – go to the Soundcloud website

    Video files can be shared via YouTube or Vimeo. To adjust the privacy settings of each video, go to the Vimeo website and the YouTube website 
  • Photographic Material - any photos in support of your proposal should be clearly titled and dated. Photos can be uploaded to a service such as Flickr, Instagram or Picassa – details for making images private on Picasa can be found here on the Picassa website. You can also attach your images to your application and email them in to the appropriate email address for the fund. Please check with the specific fund, but in most cases we expect no more than 6 images and (if emailed) the total file size should be no bigger than 20MB.
  • Budgets - if required to provide a separate budget, you should submit it using spreadsheet software, ideally Microsoft Excel.

Please remember in your application form to clearly outline what additional supporting material/s you have submitted, where they are and how we can access them.