Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance

Supporting the touring of theatre and dance, enhancing opportunities for artists, producers and companies to work more collaboratively with venues.

Applications now closed

What is the fund for?

This round of the Touring Fund is to support high quality work to tour throughout Scotland and for the touring sector to continue to re-engage with audiences, delivered through partnerships between programmers/host organisations and touring artists/companies in conventional and non-conventional formats and staging.

Who can apply?

All applicants must be based in Scotland and involved in the production and/or touring of live theatre and dance.

We accepted applications from:

  • Individual dance and theatre artists, companies and organisations.
  • Independent dance and theatre producers.

When should the funded touring activity take place?

We are primarily looking to support activity taking place from Spring 2024 onwards.

What's the budget for this fund?

The overall budget for the 2023 round of the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance is £2,000,000.

Fund timeline

  • Online application portal opening: 2pm, Tuesday 27 June 2023
  • Application deadline: 12 noon Tuesday 19 September 2023
  • Decisions: week commencing 20 November 2023
  • Touring activity to take place: Predominately from Spring 2024 onwards


How to apply

Applications are closed.

We expect the next round of the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance to be in Autumn 2024.

Successful applicants

If you are successful, you will be expected to develop an audience plan, in collaboration with the venues you tour to, using the tour planning spreadsheet and the FST code of conduct as a basis.

FST Code of Practice Cohort of Venues and Promoters 

As part our commitment to improve the experience of the makers and programmers of shows supported through the Touring Fund, we are encouraging venues to learn more about the benefits of joining the Federation of Scottish Theatre’s Code of Practice. 

Venues and promoters that sign-up to the FST Code of Practice are eligible to receive Touring Fund work as part of the Touring Fund deal, which includes fee-free shows and the right to retain 80% of the box-office income. 

In addition, joining the existing cohort of venues and promoters gives prospective applicants the ability to decide on tour venues and model plans for their submission to the fund in advance. 

Who can join the Code of Practice? 

Venues and promoters based in Scotland can sign up to be part of the FST Code of Practice. Creative Scotland maintains the list, and venues and promoters can join at any time. There is no maximum number of venues and promoters which can be listed nor a deadline for sign up.

Applicants to the Touring Fund are welcome to advise any venues and promoters not listed to contact Creative Scotland for further information. 

Venues and promoters who sign up to the Code of Practice will be expected to report back annually on their experience of the Touring Fund to assist Creative Scotland in future versions of the fund and its development.  

Please note that this commitment does not replace any of your usual contracting practices and is not a legal requirement.  

Can I receive a Touring Fund deal without signing up to the Code of Practice? 

No. Venues and promoters who have not committed to the terms of the Code of Practice will not be eligible to receive Touring Fund work on the Touring Fund deal which underwrites the costs of the show.  

You can still programme work that is funded through the Touring Fund, however without a commitment to the Code of Practice this will be a on a box office split or fee basis.  

How do I sign up? 

To sign up, email [email protected] providing:  

  • Venue/Promoter Name and address, including post code 
  • Programming contact details 
  • A link to your venue details on TourBook (if applicable) 


The Performing Artist's Audience Handbook is useful for applicants applying to the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance, as an understanding of audiences should be at the centre of any application for touring and presentation.

Access support

Creative Scotland is committed to offering clear and accessible application processes and programmes that are open to everyone. We have a number of ways we can support you to make your application. Please get in touch with our enquiries team by visiting our Contact Us page to find out more.