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Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance

SHEE at Hidden Door - photo by Chris Scott

About the Programme

In late 2016, Creative Scotland commissioned an independent review of Touring for Theatre and Dance, and the final report was published in April 2017. Among the main conclusions was a call to establish a dedicated touring fund. This £2m fund has consequently been developed in partnership with the Federation of Scottish Theatre, and working groups made up of representatives of Scottish dance and theatre companies.

This fund aims to change the way we tour publicly funded theatre and dance productions, and support greater access to a variety of theatre and dance for a diverse audience. It also aims to provide broader opportunities for a more diverse range of artists and producers. This fund aims to bring about this change by:

  • Funding high quality work to tour in a way that could improve the relationships between venues and producers of touring work
  • Funding work that will increase audiences across Scotland
  • Funding work that increases the diversity of artists, producers and companies touring theatre and dance across Scotland
  • Creating conditions where artists are recognised for their work and can retain a proportion of the income their work creates to sustain their ongoing practice
  • Creating conditions to support venues to be more sustainable and give them the ability to invest more in developing audiences
  • Supporting the programming of work in venues or locations that would not otherwise present it.

This fund is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Who can apply?

All applicants must be based in Scotland and involved in the production, programming and/or touring of theatre and dance. We will accept applications from:

  • Individual dance and theatre artists, companies and organisations.
  • Independent dance and theatre producers
  • Consortia of venues.


This fund is presently closed following the latest deadline in October 2019. To find out when the fund will reopen, please sign up to receive our monthly enewsletters.


Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance - Guidance

Download the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance Guidance in PDF format.

Touring Budget Expenditure Template

Download the Touring Budget Template, for use alongside your application, in MS Excel format.

Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance Appendix 1

Download the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance Appendix 1 in PDF format.

Image: SHHE performance at Hidden Door Festival, photo by Chris Scott