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Nurturing Talent Fund – bringing young people's creativity to life

Published: 17 May 2021

Delight Kwan plays the violin in front of a piano

Delight Kwan

Creative Scotland's Nurturing Talent Fund supports creative 11-25-year-olds to develop their chosen mediums, passions and talents. These include short film-making, music production, publishing, poetry, photography collections, recording demos and hosting dance shows.

The Nurturing Talent Fund is a fund designed by young people for young people. It supports their creative ideas and ambitions, no matter whether they have lots of experience or they're just developing their interest in the arts. It was designed by the National Youth Arts Advisory Group (NYAAG) – a group of 14–24-year-olds from across Scotland who work with Creative Scotland to represent the voices of young people within the arts and culture in Scotland.

“We have seen so many inspiring and creative projects throughout the time of this fund, and are dedicated to ensuring that they keep on coming, through wider access and opportunities to young people all around Scotland.” – Órla NÍ Eadhra, member of NYAAG.

Sarah Mcadam, Creative Scotland’s Interim Time To Shine Programme Manager said:

“The spread of projects being developed, delivered and led by young people through this round of Nurturing Talent Fund is testament to the vibrancy and diversity of youth-led culture in Scotland.  With direct access to this funding, young people are able to take their creative ideas forward on their own terms, positively impacting their own development and bringing new creative experiences to their wider communities.”

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery and the Scottish Government through Creative Scotland, the Fund has supported hundreds of exciting and creative ideas led by young people since 2014. The latest recipients include young people developing their passions for dance, sculpture, short film, photography and music – alongside developing a system of support towards the career development of emerging young artists and writers from under-represented groups in the art world.

This round of the Nurturing Talent Fund sees nearly 50 projects receiving over £40,000 of support:

  • Amy Hendry-Hughes, Exploring the medicalisation of the human body through mixed media.
  • Kirsten Shanks, Creating an illustrated children’s book.
  • Rachel Shnapp, Developing Bardennoch (film) for young creatives in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Finn Macpherson, Gillie O'Flaherty, Hayden Mackenzie, Arthur Brook Young, Recording an EP.
  • Brighde Chaimbeul, Producing a concert.
  • Euan Campbell-Vaughan, Producing a moving image project for artist Ibrahim Kargbo aka ‘Young Sweet.’
  • Emma Heron, Creating information space about careers and school subjects using animation.
  • Oliver Clark, Travelling from Moray to The Royal Academy of Music in London.
  • Daisy Francis, Organising a performance showcase.
  • Chloe Charlton, Producing an experimental film.
  • Chloë Coll, Filming live set by a Scottish band.
  • Rhia McPhie, Mastering of debut album.
  • Joanne Fowlie, Building an online learning community focusing on new crafts.
  • Kevin Stone, Creating art about the environment.
  • Gaspard Casanova, Developing a French language short film.
  • Cal McCormick, Completing full body casts.
  • Emily Goan, Group: Mac-Talla Tutoring, Setting up a folk weekend in Oban.
  • Meghan Brannigan, Providing a creative pathway for young kids of all ages and backgrounds in the local community.
  • Finlay Jackson, Offering free audio samples to be used in music, film and TV.
  • TRIP, Producing debut album.
  • Hammy Sgìth, Producing and recording an EP.
  • Delight Kwan, Creating music on YouTube to share the culture by playing Scottish music and Chinese music.
  • Iona Macphie, Creating a series of works featuring wildlife in Scotland.
  • Alice Hill-Woods, Emelia Kerr Beale, Producing a risograph-printed pamphlet on the topic of invisible illness.
  • The Wall – Ewelinka Dochan, Daisy Lewisohn, Natasha Thomas, Max Longhurst, Isabel Coulier, Anna-Rose McChestney, Cal Mingus, Callum Kershaw, Aaron Leigh, Chiara VdenHoven, Critical arts publication established to showcase and celebrate the work of artists in Glasgow.
  • Sam Welch, Creating a collaborative art piece in the mediums of sound, music, video, analogue photography, contemporary dance and painting.
  • Sophie Heron, Creating art videos for the local primary school.
  • James Rami, Creating clay and plaster moulds, making canvases and posters.
  • Lily Garget, Making hand tufted rugs.
  • Louie Holland, Kieran McLaughlin, Producing a short film based around friendship.
  • Rosie Castle, Starting a radio show called about bisexuality.
  • Dylan Cundall, Making a customised backpack out of leather.
  • Iona Morrison, Bonnie MacRae, Producing a short film, The Front Seat.
  • Andro Mathewson, Livestreaming a DJ set from a castle in Scotland.
  • Cailleach Collective – Rosanna Dyke, Cara Murray, Katie Healey, Developing an art writing program.
  • Ryan Gleave, Working on a live performance, and an album recording.
  • Alice Watts, Producing digital illustrations and prints.
  • Paul Macfie, Developing a photography book exploring Glasgow tenements.
  • Verii Music – Weronika Wellinger, Recording and publishing songs, upgrading website and online presence.
  • Folklore Scotland – Rebecca Brown, David White, Cathy Arkwright, Rosie Young, Mila Georgieva, Taylor Petrie, Joanne Fong, Roisin McCrimmon, Launching a Folklore Scotland podcast.
  • Tackling Cultural Elitism – Erin Lynch, Sofia, Holly, Support for emerging young artists and writers from under-represe nted groups.
  • Mxogyny Group - Sophie Bell, Mia Davies, Making their creative platform, Mxogyny, accessible to people with visual disabilities and neurodiversity.
  • Christian – Alexandru Popa, Developing a project revolving around an audio-visual flow.
  • Alana Smith-Saville, Support for studying at Northern Ballet School .
  • Emily Carse, Publishing a poetry book.
  • Suzanne Hood, Creating wellness postcards.
  • Katie Vince, Writing and publishing a collection of poetry.

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