Meet the latest Nurturing Talent Fund recipients

The latest round of the Nurturing Talent Fund sees nearly 50 projects receiving over £40,000 of support.

The spread of projects being developed, delivered and led by young people through this round of Nurturing Talent Fund is testament to the vibrancy and diversity of youth-led culture in Scotland.

Find out more about their projects below.

Amy Hendry-Hughes

Exploring the medicalisation of the human body through mixed media.

"The Nurturing Talent Grant will enable me to keep exploring my work as a young artist. The funding will provide me with an invaluable opportunity to continue researching and expanding my practical skills. I will now have the freedom to explore new mediums, processes and techniques as well as visiting important sites and museums which will inform the ideas within my work."

Photo of Amy Hendry Hughes

Kirsten Shanks

A series of drawings and photographs which will form together to make an illustrated children’s book. Inspired by a true story of local habitat destruction around the village of Stichill in the Scottish Borders.

"I feel really grateful to have received this funding. It's going to be hugely beneficial to my work and I am really excited for the drawings I'll be able to make as a result of the money. Usually, I work part time to fund my studio work, but with the pandemic closing down the hospitality industry it's been difficult both to fund new work and to be motivated to create, so this funding really couldn't have happened at a more opportune time."

Kirsten Shanks in front of an artwork

Finn Macpherson, Gillie O'Flaherty, Hayden Mackenzie, Arthur Brook Young

Four young traditional musicians will be heading to a studio in Stornoway for a week to record an EP and create a CD to sell, with a certain percentage going towards a local disability centre.

"I am very grateful to have been awarded funding to go to Stornaway to have three days recording at the “Wee Studio.”

Receiving funding has provided me with an amazing opportunity to hone my skills as well as the valuable recording experience. Group working in the studio will be undoubtedly a rewarding experience after a year of “lock down”. It has also given me the focus to compose a tune. Having this opportunity ahead of the next phase of my journey to the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow is one which I will relish."

Brighde Chaimbeul

Filming and live streaming a concert.

"I feel very grateful to the Young Scot Nurturing Talent Fund for awarding me with a grant and supporting me in filming a high quality livestream. The funding has supported me in working with a professional filmmaker in a beautiful venue. This means the livestream that will be released will be interesting, engaging and of high quality, making up for what you lose in it not being a live audience concert setting."

Brighde ChaimbeulPhoto by Andy Catlin

Euan Campbell-Vaughan

Producing a moving image project for artist Ibrahim Kargbo aka ‘Young Sweet'.

"To receive the Nurturing Talent – Time to Shine Fund is incredibly gratifying and motivating. The support of this fund will enable me to undertake a moving image project for Sierra Leonian musician Young Sweet. The intention will be to combine our cultural experiences (mine rooted in Glasgow and his in Sierra Leone) together in order to tell a story of place, language, love and time."

Euan Campbell

Emma Heron

Creating a space for people of all ages to find info about careers and school subjects using creative methods such as animation.

“I am very grateful for the money I have been given, it will help me achieve my idea of creating a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to find information about careers and in school subjects by using creative methods such as animation. Thank you to the Young Scot and Creative Scotland for this amazing opportunity to develop my ideas and turn them into a reality.”

Oliver Clark

Travelling from Moray to The Royal Academy of Music in London.

"I am extremely grateful for the award from the Nurturing Talent Fund. Young Scot and Creative Scotland have supported my travel costs from Moray to The Royal Academy of Music in London to undertake a postgraduate degree. As a cellist coming from a rural area, travel costs accumulate quickly so financial support of this nature allows me to access a high level of education whilst still being able to return to Scotland."

Oliver Clark

Daisy Francis

Organising a performance showcase to display the vast array of talent curated and supported under her ongoing venture, Daisy Francis Comedy Management.

"I am so very pleased to have been recognised and supported by the Nurturing Talent - Time to Shine Fund. The support and encouragement that this fund provides means that I can’t wait to now plan an event to showcase the fantastic comedians I represent. When I founded Daisy Francis Comedy Management in the middle of 2020 it was an ambition to encourage creativity and introduce emerging artists in my home city and now I can."

Chloe Charlton

Supporting the production of an experimental film shot on 16mm in the Grampian Mountains with a particular focus on the abandoned observatory upon Ben Nevis.

"Being awarded the Young Scot and Creative Scotland fund has given my practice a freedom to evolve and develop with much more ease. With financial difficulties subsidised, I can focus more clearly on the analogue film work I am wanting to realise. I am very appreciative to have been selected and feel grateful that I am now able to begin the work! Thank you!"

Chloe Charlton

Chloë Coll

A filmed live set by a Scottish based band in an unconfirmed location in Glasgow. A way of showcasing a young up and coming band whilst Covid-19 restrictions have brought live shows to a standstill.

"It’s amazing to have been granted the funding that allows me to carry out this project fully without making any compromises. It gives me the freedom to fully utilise my skills to the best of my ability and in turn produce - what I hope to be - a very professional end product. I’m so pleased to not only be able to carry out something I’ve been planning for a while but also to be able to give an up and coming band this opportunity they may not have had. Excited to get going with it!”

Chloë Coll

Rhia McPhie

The mastering of her debut album.

"I am beyond ecstatic to be recognised by Young Scot for what I do, making music has always been my biggest passion and with help from the Nurturing Talent - Time to Shine Fund I am able to continue doing so independently. I aim to have finished my debut album by the end of the year with the help that I have received from Young Scot and Creative Scotland and am looking forward to hopefully working with them again in the future."

Joanne Fowlie

Funding for an online learning community focusing on new crafts.

"Funding will allow me to explore and learn new crafts, specifically endangered crafts, to which I would like to teach others by building an online community of crafters. I will explore my own style by developing my skills in existing crafts, as well as new. Additionally, I would like to develop my own brand as a mixed media artist and create an online store. Crafting has been a crucial part of my life since childhood and greatly impacts my mental health in a positive way - I would love to bring this joy to others."

Joanne Fowlie

Kevin Stone

Creating art to discover, explore, conserve and share information about the environment. The artwork will be natural art conserving the environment mixed medium and various media.

"[We] are greatly looking forward to going on adventures and discovering new things thanks to the grant you have provided. Throughout we yearn to create new friendships and become accustomed to nature. We are very much looking forward to creating some sort of nature sculpture."

Gaspard Casanova

French language short film about Parisian synth duo.

"This grant is going to ensure I hit the ground running at a crucial time in the resurgence of the creative industries. Now I can rest easy knowing I have the finances to truly capture the score for this film. Long my opportunities like this continue to exist for young artists."

Gaspard Casanova

Cal McCormick

Residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

"The Nurturing Talent Time to Shine Fund will be helping me achieve an ambition of mine to complete full body casts during my residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. These sculptures will capture specific intimate positions that confess my relationship with dependency, fantasy and memory. This has been an ambition for almost three years and I have been thinking about these sculptures in particular for most of the pandemic. I feel unbelievably lucky to have the means to make these ideas finally come to life, and I cannot wait to start the process."

Emily Goan

Her Group Mac-Talla Tutoring would like to set up a folk weekend in Oban, Argyll. This will include fiddle workshop, in person guitar and fiddle lessons and a folk session.

"We are incredibly excited to receive this grant, allowing us to start a folk weekend in Oban, Argyll. We're very passionate about music, particularly Scottish folk, and hope to give access to music playing to as many people as possible. We started Mac-Talla Tutoring last year and have been enjoying the opportunity to teach great Scottish tunes to people all over the world, but we are aware that many people would like something in person. We had access to lots of music activities where we grew up in Dunoon, so we are very excited to pay this forward. Thank you!"

Emily and Will

Meghan Brannigan

Providing a creative pathway for young kids of all ages and backgrounds in my local community to not only have fun and learn new hobbies, but to learn a new way to express themselves from a younger age.

"I am beyond elated to be receiving Nurturing Talent Funding from Young Scot to start my own art project, which likely could not have happened without. With this, I am going to introduce all-inclusive creative spaces and opportunities for children in West Dumbartonshire. Not only fulfilling my ambition to become an art teacher but giving children an environment to freely express themselves in a new way, all while developing their own creative skills!"

Finlay Jackson

Offering free audio samples to be used in music, film and TV.

"The idea for my business came from the frustration of having to pay for audio samples or subscribe to packages online that provide these while I am working on a university project and not willing to pay for the few sounds I needed. It’s a great feeling knowing I will be able to give the samples I have recorded in response to this away for free thanks to this funding and help the students of the future." 

Finlay Jackson

TRIP (Isla Callister)

Physical production of their debut CD, which will play an importing role in helping them launch and establish their careers as young musicians on the Traditional Music scene in Scotland.

"It means so much to finally, with the support of this fund, be able to share our music with everyone - we can't wait! We would like to thank everyone at the Nurturing Talent Fund for giving us this opportunity to complete our first album as band."

Hammy Sgìth

Producing and recording an EP.

"I was buzzing to receive this support for my EP 'Aoife's Only Son'. I did a wee jump and high fived my brother. I've been working on this record in my bed room for a year, and now I have the opportunity to take it to a studio and give it the polish I have been dreaming of. The EP will be made of 2 pieces of dance music and 3 rap songs in Scottish Gaelic. Oo ah slàinte mhath."

Hammy Sgith

Delight Kwan

Creating music on YouTube to share the culture by playing Scottish music and Chinese music.

"I enjoy playing music with my violin and piano. I hope to share Scottish and Chinese music on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram with my Chinese and Scottish friends during my 4 years university music studies. I will share music around 2-4 times per month with a piece of 3-5 minutes long. This Project can allow my friends to explore the different cultural music between Scotland and China. The funding can upgrade my recording equipment and instrument to ensure better sound quality."

Delight Kwan

Iona Macphie

A series of works which she can have giclée prints made from. They will feature wildlife found in Scotland, hoping to inspire the viewer to get outdoors and experience the beautiful nature that Skye and Scotland has to offer.

"I am beyond excited to receive these funds to help me continue my art, I predominantly work with coloured pencils whilst dabbling with oils from time to time.

Iona Macphie

Alice Hill-Woods, Emelia Kerr Beale

Producing a risograph-printed pamphlet on the topic of invisible illness.

"We are delighted to be awarded funding! It will enable us to make a book on invisible illnesses that will be an informative and innovative site of overlap and experimentation; we’ll be combining writing and visual art in a risograph pamphlet. This generous grant from the Nurturing Talent – Time to Shine Fund means that we can produce one hundred copies and post them around Scotland free of charge. The pamphlet will be released under Gauze Press, a new publisher of DIY, experimental and collaborative approaches to health and illness."

The Wall

Ewelinka Dochan, Daisy Lewisohn, Natasha Thomas, Max Longhurst, Isabel Coulier, Anna-Rose McChestney, Cal Mingus, Callum Kershaw , Aaron Leigh, Chiara VdenHoven

The Wall is a critical arts publication established to showcase and celebrate the work of fellow artists, makers and thinkers alike who are situated across Glasgow.

"Receiving funding from Young Scot Nurturing Talent is an invaluable step towards the creation of The Wall, a critical arts publication situated in Glasgow. The Wall relies on community therefore, to be supported by a Scottish Arts Council means so much. Our aim is to establish meaningful connections between young creatives. The Wall is an interactive publication which showcases creative talent in physical print form. Ambiguity is what we stand for."

Sam Welch

Creating a collaborative art piece in the mediums of sound, music, video, analogue photography, contemporary dance and painting.

"Being supported by this fund means I can continue to further develop work and subsequently my professional creative practice as a whole. I hope to produce new, innovative works in a multi-medium format exploring materially in the digital realm. I believe this funding will allow me the experience, space and time to use as a launchpad in which to progress on to larger works in the future."

Sam Welch

Sophie Heron

Making art videos for the local primary school and hosting a competition for them to show that art is assessable to anyone.

"With the money I plan to set up a successful business producing art videos along with running local art competitions for primary school children which I hope will develop their creativity. I deeply thank Young Scot and Creative Scotland for helping me start my business and making my dreams come true."

Sophie Heron

James Rami

Creating clay and plaster moulds, making canvases and posters.

"The funding means a lot to me and will mean I can finally go ahead with my art goals I have been wanting to do for a while now. The fund has supported me to access the items and clay items I thought I never ever could. Gladly and happily now I can proceed with my goal and Crete clay models and make my art goal wishes come true."

Lily Garget

A sculptor and textiles artist, Lily plans to make hand tufted rugs with hand dyed, 100% British sheep wool.

"I am really excited to receive funding from Young Scot to progress a project I am passionate about - organically dyeing British sheep’s wool to weave into blankets in colours and patterns inspired by landscapes across the country. In my work I want to highlight how harnessing a slower, more thought-out way of producing textiles can lead to a more sustainable industry. By bringing attention to the process during my making I hope to excite and engage others to learn about how and where our textiles are made."

Louie Holland, Kieran McLaughlin

The project is a short film based around a friendship, and a walk on the beach, where the main character is coming to terms with the loss of the friend.

"Kieran and I are very grateful for the opportunity to be funded by Young Scot, Nurturing Talent Fund & Creative Scotland is greatly appreciated as it now has eased our financial worries with regards to travel expenses, sourcing props and acquiring costumes. It also means a great deal in relation to being able to use 'funded by Young Scot and Creative Scotland' when sending off the short film to film festivals in the UK and across Europe, as it holds creative prestige. This is all welcomed, and appreciated by both of us, and we will keep in contact in regards to the short films progress!"

Louie Holland

Rosie Castle

Starting a radio show called Bi Coincidence, focusing on topics related to bisexuality and the bisexual community. Rosie also plans to launch the brand of Bi Coincidence, and to run events for bi+ people in Scotland under this name.

"I am absolutely delighted to receive this grant from the Nurturing Talent Fund. With this funding I will be able to create Bi Coincidence- a show focused on bisexuality on Subcity Radio. There is already a lack of bisexual-specific content, and now more than ever, people are trying to find a way to create community in isolation. Audio is the perfect way to do this, and the Fund will enable me to produce and market the show. I also hope to run Bi Coincidence events in Scotland in the future and the Fund is an amazing first step towards this."

Dylan Cundall

Making a customised backpack out of leather.

"I'm really excited to start my own project and be able to expand my skills and see what I'm capable of achieving. It's going to be a really good experience to be apart of the whole process, going from designing my project to creating it and then being able to use something I have made my self in everyday life. I am very grateful for the funding from Nurturing Talent for allowing me too try something that is more challenging and developing lost leatherwork skills in young people."

Dylan Cundall

Iona Morrison, Bonnie MacRae

Producing a short film, The Front Seat. It tells the story of a mother coming to terms with her son's attempted suicide.

"We are so incredibly grateful to the Time To Shine Fund for awarding us this grant. Without this funding we would be unable to make our film and we’re so thrilled to now be able to dedicate time and attention to our work without financial burden. Our film surrounds mental health in young people and we’re so grateful to Young Scot and Creative Scotland for believing in us and allowing us to further our message through film. We’ve never received funding before so we hope that this award will allow us to create something unique and important."

Andro Mathewson

Livestreamed DJ set from a castle in Scotland.

"As a part of the electronic music production and DJ duo, Acrillics, I have been fortunate enough to perform across the world from New Zealand to the United States, but not yet in my native Scotland. Prior to the pandemic live streams and recording of DJ sets from beautiful places gained traction thanks to production companies, such as Cercle, in France, and UKF, in England. The popularity of these grew exponentially during the pandemic and the closing of nightclubs. Yet there seems to be a dearth of such content showcasing the natural and historical beauty of Scotland. The funding from Young Scot and Creative Scotland will enable my first performance in Scotland, help bring my music to a Scottish audience, and bring the beauty of Scotland to a global audience. I'm very grateful for the support!"

Andro Mathewson

Cailleach Collective

Rosanna Dyke, Cara Murray, Katie Healey

An art writing program; beginning with a free online lecture, followed by a competition. The winners will receive monetary awards and the best entries will be compiled into a zine.

"The awarding of this will allow us to facilitate a project that encourages art writing among people who do not have an educational background in art history. This money means that we will be able to widen our audience and pay people a fair wage for participation in the project. Ultimately this funding will allow us to continue our work of widening participation in the arts for young people in the Highlands."

Ryan Gleave

In chemical transit; an homage album to Ryan's former singing voice, and the journey undertaken from mezzo-soprano to bass-baritone, through gender reassignment. This project includes a live performance, and an album recording, with performers from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

"As an emerging artist, this funding comes at a crucial time for my professional development. Making this album, In chemical transit, is a pivotal work in my portfolio, and being able to record and disseminate it is invaluable. I aim to reach a variety of trans, non-binary, and gender expansive listeners, both in Scotland and internationally, and provide a platform for the trans voice to grow in both repertoire and visibility. This funding is vital to the project — I’m incredibly grateful to the Time to Shine Fund!"

Alice Watts

Producing digital illustrations and prints which can be turned into prints, clothing, textiles and masks. Alice wants to create art that reflects some of the social and political issues affecting gen Z.

“The Nurturing Talent - Time To Shine Fund has given me the opportunity and resources to allow me to explore and strengthen my skills in illustration and provided an outlet to raise awareness of issues that affect young people. I hope to produce a collection of pieces that are relatable and inspire social change. I can’t wait to see my work transformed into 2D and 3D object."

Paul Macfie

Photography book and exhibition exploring the beauty and decay of the Glasgow tenements.

"The funding from Young Scot & Creative Scotland will allow me to have the resources to create my project ‘Tenement’. Through the images I capture I will explore the beauty and history behind these buildings which have dominated the streets of Glasgow for many years. I hope to release a small batch of books and organise an exhibition to put this work on display."

Tenement: A photo series of Glasgows tenements

Verii Music, Weronika Wellinger

Professionally recording and publish their songs, and upgrading their website and online presence.

"I would like to thank the Young Scot and Time To Shine Fund for their excellent support for my music activity. Being funded means having more opportunities to create my desired project, such as learning classic guitar and music theory with professional help, reaching skilled people to design an album cover, concept photographs and more, involving the Ceilidh Cabin Studio in recording, mixing, etc. I also hope to accommodate session musicians in the future. Thanks to Young Scot, my desired project is on the way and I will be pleased to report in detail on my progress in future."

Folklore Scotland

Rebecca Brown, David White, Cathy Arkwright, Rosie Young, Mila Georgieva, Taylor Petrie, Joanne Fong,  Roisin McCrimmon

Their newest attempt to promote Scottish folklore is through launching a Folklore Scotland podcast. The podcast not only preserves stories in their traditional oral format, but will also engage with discussion about the lessons that folklore teaches and its importance within society.

"We at Folklore Scotland are delighted to receive a grant to go towards officially launching our podcast project! Our aim as a charity is to tell the tales of the past with the technology of today, and we hope to use the current boom in podcasting to connect a wider audience with their local and national folklore, as well as educating international audiences about the importance of folklore. We’re very grateful towards the Time to Shine Fund and can’t wait to get started!’

Tackling Cultural Elitism

Erin Lynch, Sofia, Holly 

Support for emerging young artists and writers from under-represented groups.

"Thanks to the Nurturing Talent Fund we will be able to sponsor twenty young art writers to follow workshops and learn professional art-writing skills that they will showcase in the creation of an online gallery and catalogue that will spotlight the work of as many- if not more- young artists to help them build their portfolio and create for them useful literature to help their careers. The project specifically focuses on creating a paid entry-level educational experience for people who identify as members of under-represented groups in the art world to tackle the inaccessibility of the arts due to the unpaid nature of most of these experiences."


Sophie Bell, Mia Davies

Making their creative platform, Mxogyny, accessible to people with visual disabilities and neurodiversity.

"Mxogyny is so delighted to be awarded funding from the Nurturing Talent Fund which will allow us to make our content more accessible to people with visual disabilities and neurodiversity. In the past year, we have continued to nurture the creative expression and progression of marginalised individuals on an ever growing scale - including with the publication of our very first zine. We are thrilled to receive this support so that a wider audience can enjoy the creative contributions we are proud to showcase."


Christian – Alexandru Popa

Developing a project revolving around an audio-visual flow.

"This funding represents an outstanding opportunity for me to develop my work. I will use the Nurturing Talent Fund to secure access in a studio as well as renting specialist filming equipment. The realisation of my short film will undoubtedly have a great impact on my creative career."

Alana Smith-Saville

Support for studying at Northern Ballet School.

"I was absolutely over the moon and incredibly honoured to receive a very kind donation from Nurturing Talent – Time to Shine Fund. I will be, very shortly, making the next steps towards my ambition of becoming a professional dancer by being accepted into an accredited ballet school this coming September. This donation will allow me to buy uniform, study materials and the very important, but expensive Pointe Shoes! Thank you to everyone who chose to help me make this journey."

Emily Carse

Publishing a poetry book.

"The funding I have received will allow me to push my poetry book 'Why a spiritual awakening is more painful than stepping on lego' to the next level. I will be converting my ebook into a physical copy which I would not be able to achieve without the generous support from Young Scot. I look forward to reporting my success in this project."

Suzanne Hood

Creating wellness postcads, which will be delivered to people to make sure they are coping well in lockdown.

'It means a great deal to me to receive funding, it will allow me to create something to bring a smile to people's faces. I think after a hard year everyone has had it will be nice to bring some joy within the community and give people a chance to spread joy to someone they know may be struggling. I hope to create light hearted ‘feel-good postcards’ to start with, I plan to post these through doors throughout the community and then offer people the option to send them to friends/family.'

Katie Vince

Writing and publishing a collection of poetry.

"The Nurturing Talent Grant is so important to me as it gives me the opportunity and platform to create and present my poetry to the world. As a university student, I wouldn’t be able to do this without the funding from Young Scot. I am excited to produce and share my work and get closer to my goal of becoming a published writer."

This article was published on 18 May 2021