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Update on Regular Funding - August 2017

Published: 22 Aug 2017

Following our last communication on Regular Funding, 2018-21, which we published in May, I would like to provide a further short update on progress.

In April, we received 184 eligible applications requesting a total of £153m for the three-year period.

As set out in our published Guidance (PDF), our specialist staff are assessing applications in detail over the summer period and these will be discussed collectively over the coming weeks.

Our Board will announce its decisions once we have received confirmation of next year’s draft budget from the Scottish Government. Like all public bodies in Scotland we have not been given a definitive date for confirmation of our budget, but we continue to anticipate this will be by December 2017.

Following this announcement, we will make our final decisions for the 2018-21 RFO network. We will move as quickly as we can to consider and communicate these.

As we have communicated previously, given pressure on both Grant in Aid and National Lottery budgets, it is unlikely that there will be an uplift in funding to many RFOs, and overall the number of RFOs is likely to be reduced.

We appreciate that the timing for notification of Regular Funding for 2018-22 may create issues for some organisations. As such, we will discuss transition needs individually with organisations as soon as possible after we have made our funding decisions.

As I've said previously, we appreciate all the hard work, care and attention that goes into applications for Regular Funding and we will endeavour to announce our decisions as soon as possible following our budget settlement from Scottish Government.

In the meantime, it is vital that we all continue to make the case for public funding for culture and the value it delivers, socially, culturally and economically for the people of Scotland. I'm sure you will support us in that effort.

If anything is unclear regarding Regular Funding, or any other aspect of our work, our Enquiries service will endeavour to answer any questions you may have or signpost you to the relevant member of our team.

Iain Munro
Deputy Chief Executive, Creative Scotland