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Creativity Matters

Town fun at Heb Celt Festival (photo: Leila Angus)

Creativity matters to people in Scotland

This is clear from independent research that tells us:

  • 90% agree that Scotland is a creative nation Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2017
  • 92% of the population has engaged with culture either by attending a cultural event or place or participating in a cultural activity - Scottish Household Survey, 2016
  • 92% believe it is right that there should be public funding of arts and cultural activities in Scotland (up from 87% in 2015) - Scottish Opinion Survey TNS, September 2017
  • The Creative Industries contribute £4.6bn to the Scottish economy each year, supporting 73,600 jobsScottish Government Creative Industries Growth Sector Statistics, 2017

Delivering real benefits

The arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland deliver real benefits and make a real difference to all our lives regardless of who we are or where we live. 

Film, theatre, literature, dance, music, visual art, video games, craft, and the commercial creative industries all contribute to a flourishing society, to our education and learning and to our skills, jobs and economy.

Public funding for the arts, screen and creative industries, through both the Scottish Government and through the National Lottery, helps make life better in Scotland - better for us all as individuals, as communities and as a nation.

As we say in our 10-year plan Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition we want Scotland to be a place where the  arts, screen and creative industries are valued and recognised, where artists and creative people can flourish and thrive, and where everyone, everywhere, is interested and curious about creativity.

Telling the story

Part of our role is to tell the story of the value that the arts, screen and creative industries deliver to all our lives, supported by public funding. We also want to encourage others, who work in or are interested in creativity and culture in Scotland, to tell this story.

To help with this, these pages provide some key messages, evidence and useful links that will help us all communicate the value and impact of public funding for the arts, screen and creative industries and the benefit this delivers.

Cultural Value

Creativity enriches all our lives and tells the world who we are.

Social Value

Creativity makes the society we live in a better society.

Economic Value

The arts, screen and creative industries make a vital contribution to jobs and the economy.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to hear more about publicly funded work across the arts, screen and creative industries and across Scotland. We also publish regular case studies on our website showcasing a range of the work that we support, through public funding, across the arts, screen and creative industries.