Scotland's Creative Learning Plan

Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan was first published in 2013, setting out a shared vision for the importance of creativity in education and as a result we have seen growth in a shared language and common understanding of creativity and creativity skills.

Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan is the result of collaboration by organisations working across Scotland in education and creativity and sets out an ambitious vision for creativity in education over 10 years.

Among the aims of the Creative Learning Plan are:

  • New policies and plans supporting creativity throughout Scotland
  • More creative teaching practices and support for creative initiatives within local authorities, schools and places of learning
  • More support for and understanding of the value of creativity and experiential learning by parents and carers.

The landscape is now very different, and the impact of COVID-19 has required a rapid rethinking of Scotland’s education, skills employability and careers provision. We believe that the Plan is more important than ever and have refreshed the vision  to ensure the Scottish education system enables everyone to recognise, develop and apply their creativity to ensure they thrive in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world, with 3-year outcomes committing to:

  • Creativity embedded in curriculum design
  • Learners’ mental health and wellbeing is improved
  • Learners confidently applying creativity skills in all contexts
  • Learners directly influencing their own creative learning
  • Quality cultural experiences accessible to all learners

Further information on updated outcomes and refreshed narrative can be found in the slide pack below and for details on delivery against those, please view Creative Scotland and Education Scotland’s Action Plan for 2021-22.

Further advice and information

If you would like more information about the Creative Learning Plan, please get in touch with Jonathan McLean, Interim Creative Learning Officer:


A Refreshed Look at the Creative Learning Plan (.PPT)

Creative Learning Plan at a glance (PDF)

What is Creativity - Scotland's Creative Learning Plan 2013 (PDF)

Read the Creative Scotland and Education Scotland Action Plan