Multi-Year Funding update

Further to previous announcements, registration of Intention to Apply for Multi-Year Funding closed at 2pm on 10 August.

Just over 500 cultural and creative organisations registered their Intention to Apply, with an indicative annual request in excess of £113m.

This provides a clear indication of the scale of ambition and need that exists across Scotland’s culture and creative sector.

It is also a reflection of the rising cost of operations being experienced by cultural organisations due to increased inflation, the continued impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the need to address historic low pay issues through Fair Work First, all against a backdrop of standstill funding over a number of years.

Based on current levels of funding, these figures also underline the fact that Creative Scotland will not be able to support as many organisations on a multi-year basis as we currently do, and the application process will be highly competitive.

We continue to advocate on a daily basis for increased funding for culture and creativity in Scotland, and this will continue as we progress through the Multi-Year Funding process with a view to maximising the budgets available to us to support the Fund.

Stage 1 of the application process for Multi-Year Funding opens at 2pm on Wednesday 06 September. This will be open to organisations who have registered their Intention to Apply.

Further details, including full guidance for Multi-Year Funding, can be found on our website.