Magnus Turpie Development Project Launches

Magnus Turpie is a musician from Edinburgh and a recent recipient of Create:Inclusion funding.

Magnus has been a regular player at ceilidhs, pub sessions and festivals over the years, has participated in programmes including Youth Music Initiative funded projects and many others, and has now been awarded Create:Inclusion funding to support him in continuing his instrumental, creative and social development through music making - dubbed the Magnus Turpie Musician Development Project.

We wanted to know more about Magnus's experience of music so far, and so, his dad Mike kindly took over as interviewer - watch below!

Interview transcript

How did you first become involved with music?

Magnus: When I was wee I would listen to Dad’s pipe Band at piping competitions

What’s your favourite thing you’ve done through music and why?

Magnus: Out of all the projects I have been with, my favourite was playing with my trio at Edinburgh Castle, when I was playing with people of my age.

What are you most excited about for the project?

Magnus: I am looking forward to meeting some people of my age group to play with and making some new tunes.

Watch the launch video for Magnus's Musician Development Project

You can connect with Magnus via his Facebook page

This article was published on 09 Nov 2020