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Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development

What activity in schools is eligible for funding?

This fund doesn’t support schools or parents’ groups for general arts activity happening in schools. It can support high-quality, artist-led projects and these can include, for example, artists working on creative learning projects which take place either in or out of school, relate to lifelong learning activity, or which happen in a community and involve working with schools. The application must come from the artist or arts organisation and should add real value to the learning experience. Read more

Do you support self-publishing?

The Open Fund will not support authors looking for funding to self-publish their books, to promote self-published books via events, touring or other provision such as school workshops, or to support time to develop work for self-publication. We will not support applications relating to the development or promotion of books published at the author’s cost by another press or service. We cannot support authors who have been asked by a publisher to contribute to costs including but not limited to typesetting, illustration, indexing or reprint costs. Read more

Can I apply for the development of a website?

We would not consider an application solely for the development of a website as a priority for funding. The fund focuses on supporting projects centred around creative development, so your application would need to clearly articulate how a website would support creative activity. For example, if you are applying for a new programme of work and new ways of reaching people, and your website development supports this, then you could apply - the focus would be on the creative project and then describing how you are sharing this through a new website and/or other digital tools. Read more

Where can I get more guidance on risk?

We have provided further guidance and risk templates on the Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development page. Read more

My business offers service design and/or creative communications for an established market – can I apply?

You are not eligible to apply for funding if you provide service design and/or creative communications for a market with an established value chain, including intermediary creative agencies. Such work is customer/client-led - not artist/creative-led - and is driven by market demand. Read more

Can Comedians apply to the Open Fund?

Yes. Individuals, projects, festivals and organisations, including comedy and individual comedians, are welcome to apply to our Open Fund. National Lottery stipulations mean that support through the Open Fund cannot be used for running costs of venues. Please see the Open Fund guidance for full information. Read more