Is it necessary for you to ask for EDI and environmental impact information in three different places on the form?

We regard consideration of environmental impact and EDI as core principles for all publicly...

We regard consideration of environmental impact and EDI as core principles for all publicly funded projects, and so we want to understand how you are thinking about these aspects in all areas of your proposed activity.

Question 1d asks you to consider your artistic approach to EDI and environment – whether the work has any theme relating to these areas, whether the choice of artistic collaborators has taken this into account, or whether the choices of materials used has considered environmental impact, for example.

Question 2c is about public benefit – so have you considered how you might reach a diverse audience, how you might facilitate access for those on low incomes or without access to IT equipment (for digital projects) or how people access the activity (travel etc.) in terms of environmental impact.

Question 3.1d is about project management – how the project has been planned to ensure that the principles of EDI and environment are included. In terms of EDI, that could be thinking about how the full range of people involved in your activity have a say in how it is developed and delivered, or having flexibility in timescales to allow for changing circumstances such as childcare needs or illness, for example. In terms of environmental impact, you may be holding meetings online to avoid physical travel, or hiring rather than buying equipment. You might wish to tell us how you measure your own carbon footprint or that of your organisation or premises.

The Open Fund supports a wide range of activity and we appreciate that different projects will be able to respond to these questions in different ways. There is no need to repeat information you have given elsewhere in the form, or to write to the maximum word count in each question. We want to understand how you have considered these important areas across the different aspects of your proposal, as relevant to your project or activity