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Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development

How far in advance can I submit my application?

We do not have an upper limit for how far in advance you can apply for a project, and we appreciate that different projects will require different periods of planning. We do, however, have to take into account the timing of projects when making our decisions. For example, if the decision-making panel is considering an application for a project that has been submitted very far in advance, without clear rationale for this, then they might prioritise another project that was taking place sooner. In general, we would normally expect applications to be submitted in time to allow one to six (...)Read more

How many supporting documents can I include with my application?

Supporting documents are intended to provide additional context for your application, but the information on the application form will be the main information your assessing officer will use to understand how your project meets the criteria for the Open Fund. Please only include the supporting documents listed in the checklist at the end of the application form. We will not be able to consider additional documents. Read more

I work in an area which does not have industry rates of pay, what would you advise I put as a rate?

You should enter in a rate which is at least equal to the living wage. You may want to draw on other industry rates for comparison (where possible) and to speak to peers and colleagues about how they determine their fees. We would want artists to earn professional rates and at least the living wage. Read more

Can I apply to both the Open Fund and the National Lottery?

Yes, you can apply to different Lottery distributors for the same project, but you must ensure that you meet the specific criteria of the fund you are applying to and ensure that you address the criteria in your application. Read more

Has the expectation of match funding changed in the context of Covid-19?

We can fund projects up to 100% but we encourage applicants to think about partnerships because it demonstrates resource and demand for the project. Partners and collaborators may not be able to provide cash support but they may be able to provide in-kind support. We appreciate that it may be difficult to contact partners in order to receive evidence of support at this time – please tell us if this has been the case. Read more

What is the difference between the risk question in the application form and the information you are requesting in the separate risk form?

The question in the application form (question 3.2) asks you to describe your overall approach to risk – so thinking about who is responsible for assessing risk for your activity, how you have planned your activity to consider risk, and how you might work with partners or collaborators to address risk. The risk form is more specific, asking you to consider the specific risks that your activity includes, and your specific mitigation approach for each risk. Read more

How can I plan for public activity as part of my application if I don’t know when social distancing restrictions will be lifted?

We appreciate that COVID-19 guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments is changing regularly. Our website contains the most up-to-date guidance we have and we will update this on an ongoing basis. If your creative activity relies on a future change to restrictions, then we advise you to make cautious plans on the basis of this published guidance and have a robust risk plan in place that allows you to make alternative arrangements or to shift your timescales if your proposed approach is not possible. Read more

Is it necessary for you to ask for EDI and environmental impact information in three different places on the form?

We regard consideration of environmental impact and EDI as core principles for all publicly funded projects, and so we want to understand how you are thinking about these aspects in all areas of your proposed activity. Read more

Can I apply if I am a student / if my project involves students?

Students are not eligible to apply for Creative Scotland funding. We don’t support students for their studies, living costs, tuition fees or for any funding related to any full-time, long-term, formal or accredited programmes of education in the UK or abroad. The Scottish Government produces a guide to funding for learning and training which gives an overview of the funding support available for this. Read more

Can amateur theatre groups apply?

Yes, amateur theatre groups are eligible to apply provided the project meets the criteria of the fund. If it is your first time applying to Creative Scotland, we would strongly recommend you get in touch with us about your project so we can advise whether our funding is the most appropriate. Read more