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Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development

Where can I get more information about EDI policies and plans?

We have a page designed to help you understand the Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Connecting Theme and how you might develop your practice or organisation to ensure that you are implementing EDI across your programmes and organisational structures. It can be found here: Read more

Can I still apply for Capital funding?

If you are an organisation, you can include small scale capital costs in your application as long as you can demonstrate how it will enable, or further enhance, your creative activities. You cannot make ‘equipment-only’ applications and small scale capital costs should not exceed 50% of the overall budget of your project. Read more

Are Theatre/Dance Touring Applications eligible for Open Fund support?

If you are applying to present a theatre or dance work at more than two locations, you should apply to the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance. Please note that the next application deadline for this fund has been postponed in light of the current COVID-19 situation.If you do not work in theatre or dance and would like to apply to tour your work, please contact us to check whether your project is eligible for the Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Practice. Read more

What other funds does Creative Scotland offer? 

You can see all our funding programmes on our website – including our targeted funds and funds delivered by partners. Read more

If my activity is covered by another fund you offer can I still apply to the Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development? 

If your proposed activity is broadly covered by one of our other funds, it is unlikely that we would prioritise funding for this type of project from the Open Fund. Read more

Can I apply to multiple different funds for the same project? 

No, you cannot apply to multiple funding programmes that Creative Scotland run, or which are run by others on behalf of Creative Scotland, for the same project or activity – so please check these other funds in case one of them is more appropriate for your project. Read more

What should a CV or biography should cover?

A CV or biography is a short document which summarises a person’s background, skills, experience and achievements. It is useful to put the newest things first and take out any non-arts related activities. Read more

The form seems longer than that of the previous Open Project Fund. Do I have to write more?

In response to feedback on the previous Open Project Fund guidance, we have been working to reduce the guidance and ask more specific questions in the form. This means that the form is slightly longer, but we hope it helps you to give us the information we need to assess your application fairly. The Open Fund can support a wide range of activity, from small artist-led research projects to complex programmes of activity involving multiple partners. So, while there are maximum word counts against each question, these are limits and not targets; you should not feel that you need to (...)Read more

What has changed in the revised guidance/forms following the July review?

There have been no major changes – in the main we have aimed to add clarity to our guidance and forms. The past few months have seen a huge rise in the amount of queries we are receiving from artists and organisations in the sector, and we have tried to reflect some of their questions, as well as some of the wider feedback on the new Open Fund. We have also looked at the range of applications we’ve received to the new fund and talked to assessors to get their feedback on ways in which we can make the guidance (...)Read more

I am an independent producer. Can I have more than one application in the assessment process if they are for different artists’ projects?

Yes, you are permitted to have more than one application in the assessment process at the same time if they are being submitted for different projects led by different artists. You must clearly demonstrate that the main beneficiary of each project is different and distinct. Read more