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Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development

Are there any other changes I should be aware of?

We have added further information and guidance on how to assess the risks associated with the project or activity that you are planning. This includes a specific risk assessment with respect to COVID-19. Read more

I received Open Project Funding before you closed the fund – should I still deliver my project?

We’re asking all recipients of Open Project Fund to look into whether they might be able to reschedule their activity for a later date, but if this isn’t possible all awards will be honoured, even if the activity has to be postponed or cancelled. If your project has been cancelled and you have any unpaid awards from our Open Project Fund, you can request your payment via the end of project monitoring form. Read more

Can I make two applications at the same time to the new Open Fund?

No – an applicant can only have one application in the assessment process at any time. Read more

Can I have more than one live Open Fund project at any one time? 

Yes – you can have up to two live projects at any time. If you have been funded by the Open Fund, you can make one additional application for a different project or activity before you complete the first project. However, we would expect you to outline how you will be able to deliver any new project activity alongside any prior commitments. Read more

I have previously received funding – does this affect my chances of support? 

Whilst assessors do consider your track record in your artform or specialist area, previous funding from Creative Scotland does not make you any more or less likely to receive funding. If you are currently in receipt of funding from Creative Scotland and delivering a live project, we would expect you to outline how you will be able to deliver any new project activity alongside any prior commitments. Additionally, if you are in receipt of previous funding from Creative Scotland you will need to ensure that you are up to date with any reporting, project monitoring and conditions related to your previously funded (...)Read more

My project is due to start sooner, can you fast track my application? 

No – our turnaround times are set as 8 weeks for applications requesting £15k or less and 12 weeks for applications requesting over £15k. You should apply early enough to ensure that there is sufficient time for this assessment period, and for a suitable planning period between receiving your funding decision and the activity starting. Read more

Can I reapply if my first application is unsuccessful? 

Yes, you can reapply once to the Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development if your first application is unsuccessful. Read more

Can Creative Scotland read over or review an application before it is submitted? 

No. We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have, but we can’t review applications before you submit them. Because we’re responsible for handling public funds, we have to allow applicants to make their own proposals in their own words, and be able to submit their own ideas for funding that haven’t been vetted by a member of Creative Scotland staff. Read more

Can I speak to someone directly before applying? 

Yes. You can contact our Enquiries Service who can offer you initial advice on eligibility, signposting you to the relevant funds, and more general advice. You can contact us at and you can also request a phone call. If, in handling your enquiry, we get to the point where we need to pass you across to an art form team or specialist officer, they can continue the conversation by phone or email.If you have any additional needs, we can offer access support to disabled applicants, tailored to individual requests. Support includes Sign Language Interpreters for meetings and scribing support (...)Read more

Can I get help on budgets?

The Creative Scotland website has a page designed to help you understand budgets. Read more