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Open Fund for Individuals

How can I plan for public activity as part of my application if I don’t know when social distancing restrictions will be fully lifted?

We appreciate that COVID-19 guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments is changing regularly. Our website contains the most up-to-date guidance we have and we will update this on an ongoing basis. If your creative activity relies on a future change to restrictions, then we advise you to make cautious plans on the basis of this published guidance and have a robust risk plan in place that allows you to make alternative arrangements or to shift your timescales if your proposed approach is not possible. If your project includes working with other artists and/or members of the public, your plans (...)Read more

Can I apply if I am a student / if my project involves students?

If you are a full time student then you are not eligible to make an application to the Open Fund for Individuals. You will not be eligible to make an application to this fund until you have graduated from your course. If you are a part-time student then you may be eligible to make an application to the Open Fund for Individuals. In your application you will need to include proof of your part-time status and clearly demonstrate that the project/activity you are applying for does not contribute to your academic studies. We would usually expect this to be demonstrated (...)Read more

I offer service design and/or creative communications for an established market – can I apply?

No, if you offer these types of services then you are not eligible to apply to the Open Fund for Individuals for funding. The Open Fund for Individuals is not able to support the development of work in the area of service design and/or creative communications for a market with an established value chain, including intermediary creative agencies. We consider this type of work to be customer/client-led and not artist/creative-led This means that it is driven by market demand, and as such does not align with Creative Scotland’s remit as a funder. Read more

Can Comedians apply to the Open Fund for Individuals?

Yes, comedians and those working in similar creative roles in the comedy sector are welcome to apply to our Open Fund, providing they also meet our other criteria for the fund. The Open Fund for Individuals is designed to support creative activity such as a specific project, production or a period of research and development. It cannot support the general running costs of creative businesses. Please see the Guidance for Applicants for full information. Read more

Can a member of staff at Creative Scotland read over or review an application to the Open Fund for Individuals before it is submitted? 

No. We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have, but we can’t review applications before you submit them. Because we’re responsible for handling public funds, we have to allow applicants to make their own proposals in their own words, and be able to submit their own ideas for funding that haven’t been vetted by a member of Creative Scotland staff. Read more

How can I access support in making my application to the Open Fund for Individuals?

Creative Scotland is committed to offering clear and accessible application processes and programmes that are open to everyone. We have a number of ways we can support you to make your application. Please read this FAQ in full for further details. Read more

Can my project include plans to work with specific communities or places I have not worked before?

Yes: your application should demonstrate an appropriate understanding of the context within which you intend to work. We strongly advise that you allow reasonable time within your project in order to cultivate meaningful relationships with pre-existing arts and community groups/organisations/practitioners. You may also wish to consider building some of these relationships before applying, in order to evidence interest in working with you on your project. Read more

Can my project include plans to engage with cultures or languages that are not my own (e.g. Gaelic, or Scots)?

Yes: if you are planning to engage with cultures or languages which are not your own, we strongly recommend you build in support from people or organisations with relevant specialist knowledge, and that those people or organisations are paid accordingly. Read more

Can my project include plans to engage with other sectors (e.g. sport, heritage or tourism)?

Yes: in your application you must clearly demonstrate that your project has a creative vision and focus in order to meet the criteria for the Open Fund for Individuals. If you do not clearly demonstrate this, then you application may be considered ineligible. If your project has a heritage or community focus but uses a creative medium to express its themes, you may find your proposal is more suited to other National Lottery distributors, for example, the National Lottery Heritage Fund or National Lottery Community Fund. If you’re unsure, please do get in touch via our enquiries team. Read more