Can I apply if I am a student / if my project involves students?

If you are a full time student then you are not eligible to make an application to...

If you are a full time student then you are not eligible to make an application to the Open Fund for Individuals. You will not be eligible to make an application to this fund until you have graduated from your course.

If you are a part-time student then you may be eligible to make an application to the Open Fund for Individuals. In your application you will need to include proof of your part-time status and clearly demonstrate that the project/activity you are applying for does not contribute to your academic studies.

We would usually expect this to be demonstrated through a letter from your supervisor, personal tutor or someone with a similar level of close understanding of your studies, especially if there is any thematic overlap between your studies and the project/activity you are applying for. You may also be able to demonstrate this by including a scan of your matriculation letter, if it clearly shows your subject area and your part-time status.

The Open Fund for Individuals cannot support students for their studies, living costs, tuition fees or for any funding related to any full-time, long-term, formal or accredited programmes of education in the UK or abroad. The Scottish Government produces a guide to funding for learning and training which gives an overview of the funding support available for this.

We are also unable to support applications for any projects that primarily involve working with or involving students, such as a student society or a student drama group.