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Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development

Why have you changed the Open Project Fund?

Creative Scotland is committed to ensuring that the arts, screen and creative industries have the support they need to sustain and develop. We are acutely aware of the disruptive effect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on both organisations and individuals. This is a situation without precedent and the creative sector is facing significant challenges. We understand that you will be considering the impact of this emergency and its after-effects on what you do.  Read more

How is this fund different to the previous Open Project Fund?

The new Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development is different in a number of ways... Read more

I had an application ready to submit when you closed the Open Project Fund – can I submit it to this new fund?

You will need to revisit your application to reflect the revised guidance and application process to see if it is still eligible. Please note that we have established separate funding routes for individuals and organisations.We are asking applicants to pay particular attention to the risks arising from COVID-19 and to ensure that their project will comply with current UK and Scottish Government restrictions. Read more

Why have you reduced the maximum grant to £50k?

We want our funds to reach as many people as possible. This measure will help us achieve this in the short term. COVID-19 is having a significant impact on all our lives and it is impossible to predict how this will affect people in the medium to longer term. We anticipate that organisations and individuals will wish to take time to reflect and adjust to a changing world. We anticipate that larger and more complex projects, which often involve multiple partners, are likely to be harder to plan and deliver. Read more

I had planned an over £50k application that I now can’t make – what should I do?

You are advised to read the refreshed guidance documents and take time to revisit your plans in light of the current situation. This might involve reducing your plans, or restructuring your planned activity into stages, and only applying for the initial phase at this point. Read more

Why have you split the fund between individuals and organisations?

We are conscious of the different needs of individuals and organisations and this will allow us to respond to these appropriately. We wish to avoid a situation where applications from individuals and organisations are competing with each other. Read more

Will the balance of awards between individuals and organisations be the same as previously?

This is a responsive fund and we expect the allocation of awards to reflect demand. Read more

I’m an individual working with a company structure. Which strand of the fund should I apply to?

If you are a freelance artist or creative practitioner, or a sole trader, you should apply as an individual. If you have an organisational structure (such as a partnership, a company limited by guarantee, a charity, a SCIO or CIC) then you should apply as an organisation. Read more

Why have you changed the criteria?

The core criteria remain the same, but we have simplified our language and presented these in a way that we think is easier for applicants to understand. These changes mean that we will be able to respond effectively to the diverse needs and ideas of people and organisations working across the country. Read more

Where has the section on Reaching People gone?

This section has been revised to reflect the restrictions that are in place on social distancing and public gatherings. In these circumstances we are focussing our interest on the impacts and benefits of your project - on you and those you plan to work with now and into the future. Read more