Connecting Themes

Some of the moments we haven’t forgotten by Indepen-dance 4, an inclusive ensemble which consists of Hayley Earlam, Adam Sloan, Neil Price, and Kelly McCartney. (photo: Brian Hartley)

As well as our ambitions and priorities, there are four connecting themes that run through all aspects of our work.

These themes resonate in our own work and the work that we support. We believe these are essential to a thriving, engaged and valued arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland.

The four connecting themes are:

Creative Learning

We want to be a learning organisation and encourage others to do the same. Learning is fundamental to ensuring that future generations are equipped to build on today’s successes as well as innovate on their own terms.


Digital technology offers exciting opportunities for creativity, society and the economy in Scotland.

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to put equalities and diversity at the heart of all our activity enabling people from different backgrounds, from diverse communities and of all ages to access increased opportunity through access to arts and culture.


Climate change is one of the most significant challenges that face us today. We want to ensure that we work in as sustainable a manner as possible and that the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland do the same.