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Ambition 4

Science communicators Craig Mcfarlane and Nicola Shepherd, at the Edinburgh International Science Festival launch, the programme explores how science lies at the heart of everything in an entertaining and engaging series of events, exhibitions and happenings. (photo: Colin Hattersley)

Ideas are brought to life by a diverse, skilled and connected leadership and workforce


  • Work with organisations to develop shared leadership across sectors that is knowledgeable, confident and ambitious
  • Support the development of sustainable business models
  • Strengthen the talent and skills needed to develop sustainable careers through sectoral partnerships including with higher education

What does success look like?

There are strong partnerships in place between public agencies, education, artists, creative people and organisations to develop talent and skills.

Diverse talent across the arts, screen and creative industries is identified and nurtured. People have increased skills through learning, sharing knowledge and easy access to information and networks.

Confident, well informed, diverse leadership ensures joined up thinking and maximises public resources.

New creative business models provide stability and new opportunities for individuals and organisations.

World-class ideas stimulate new income streams and advance planning unlocks artistic, creative and economic opportunity.