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Ambition 3

The National Youth Choir of Scotland conducted by Artistic Director, Christopher Bell. (photo: Drew Farrell)

Places and quality of life are transformed through imagination, ambition and an understanding of the potential of creativity


  • Work in partnership with Local Authorities and others to help transform communities through creativity
  • Support the development of infrastructure, creative hubs and networks that enhance visibility and value for communities
  • Encourage socially engaged practice that stimulates public engagement and value

What does success look like?

Arts, creativity and culture are recognised and celebrated by communities and policy makers across all parts of Scotland.

Locally distinctive work is valued and encouraged.

Closer collaboration with other national agencies including heritage, language, local authorities, artists, arts organisations and creative enterprises, leads to the best use of resources across urban and rural communities.

Scotland’s national culture in its broad sense is better understood, spanning contemporary practice, traditional arts in Gaelic and Scots and work inspired by Scotland’s languages.

Scotland welcomes cultural diversity and contributions from other languages spoken here, from Punjabi and Urdu to Polish and Arabic.

Arts, screen and creative industries across Scotland are connected, more visible and create more employment opportunities. 

There is improved knowledge and understanding of how creativity generates wellbeing for everyone.