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Ambition 2

Street artists perform on the last weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. (photo: Callum Bennetts. Courtesy Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society)

Everyone can access and enjoy artistic and creative experiences


  • Ensure that everyone can engage with the work we fund, whoever or wherever they are
  • Strengthen presentation, touring and distribution of work, including through digital platforms and encouraging collaboration
  • Foster an environment where participants, audiences and consumers value and can confidently engage with the arts, screen and creative industries

What does success look like?

The arts, screen and creative industries are recognised as widespread and inclusive. 

The social and economic benefits they bring to our communities are understood and valued.

People of all ages and from different types of communities from all parts of the country, including language communities such as Gaelic and Scots, can have deep and meaningful engagement with arts and creativity.

People can access arts and culture through widespread digital access, as well as live events and performance, on screen and in exhibitions.

Organisations and individuals that we support work collaboratively and imaginatively to increase opportunities for people to engage and participate. They explore new ways and platforms for people to access artistic and creative work and help audiences to engage with a diversity of experiences. This will include providing explanations, interpretations and translations where appropriate.