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Ambition 1

Patricia Shone, at the Craft Scotland SOFA showcase in Chicago. (photo: © Craft Scotland)

Excellence and experimentation across the arts, screen and creative industries is recognised and valued


  • Support individuals and organisations across Scotland to develop and produce high quality work
  • Create space for debate, critical thinking, risk and experimentation, encouraging connections across the arts screen and creative industries, making the most of digital technologies 
  • Establish and signpost clear pathways to enhance careers and support emerging talent

What does success look like?

Scotland is home to many thriving and connected communities of artists, creative people and organisations working in a diverse range of forms and genre.  They are visible and recognised for the quality of their thinking, work and contribution to society.

Artists and creative people are supported both financially and empathetically, so they have time and space to develop their practice and produce thoughtful, inspiring, high quality work.

Research, development, critical thinking and self reflection are all recognised.

People can access many paths to pursue a career in the arts, screen and creative industries, at any stage of their lives.

Information and support are available Scotland-wide, and emerging artists can quickly become connected to information, opportunities and to each other, as well as to a network of organisations to present their work.

New technologies are celebrated as opportunities for everyone to produce and share ground breaking work.