The 10-Year Plan

NVA's Island Drift (photo: Alan McAteer)

Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition

The 10-year plan sets out a shared vision for the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland. The plan also sets out our ambitions for the next 10 years, underpinned by the priorities that will frame our work over the next three years. Gaelic and text only versions of the Plan can be found in the Resources section, along with Gaelic and Scots versions of the Pocket Plan.


Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition - Full Plan (PDF) 
Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition - Pocket Plan (PDF)

A shared vision

We want a Scotland where everyone actively values and celebrates arts and creativity as the heartbeat for our lives and the world in which we live; which continually extends its imagination and ways of doing things; and where the arts, screen and creative industries are confident, connected and thriving.

Nearly a thousand people working in the arts, screen and creative industries have helped shape this vision through consultation, conversation, feedback and dialogue.

How We Do It

We are a funder, an advocate, a development agency and an organisation that seeks to influence others to increase opportunity and maximise the impact our resources can offer.

Connecting Themes

As well as our ambitions and priorities, there are four connecting themes that run through all aspects of our work.