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This page provides you with an overview of the Digital connecting theme and how you can develop your organisation and practice to embed it throughout your structures and practice.

What do we mean by Digital?

The internet is the defining architecture of our age, and the use of digital tools and media increasingly pervasive in the way we communicate. Digital has changed the way organisations operate, and this is keenly felt across the arts, screen and creative industries where it has been able to both disrupt and enable.

We are committed to supporting the arts, screen and creative industries to utilise all the benefits that digital tools can bring. Using new digital tools and media can change the way organisations run their operations, generate revenue, broaden their audiences and influence creative practice.

We recognise that Digital technology is used in different ways by different organisations and individuals. However, everyone should have the capacity to take advantage of new technology and have the confidence and skills to use an ever expanding range of tools to support participation and drive innovation.

The Scottish Government’s ambition is for Scotland to be a world-leading digital nation by 2020. You can find further information on the Scottish Government website. Central to achieving this is ensuring that everyone has the access, motivation and skills required to participate fully in our digital world. Organisations across the arts, screen and creative industries can play a significant role in supporting this vision.

Developing digital capacity requires new skills and resources to be developed within organisations. We encourage you to consider how best to achieve this.

Outcomes for Digital and what this looks like in practice

This section outlines the outcomes we are seeking for Digital, and some questions to help you consider how you might better embed Digital across the following areas of your organisation or work.

Arts and creative practice

  • Have you considered using creative technology within your artistic practice or support of artistic practice?
  • Can you show evidence of a willingness to enhance your or your organisation’s skills base either through developing relationships with technologists or through training?
  • Do you use digital tools to document and archive your or your organisation’s work?

Engaging with and building new audiences

  • Can you demonstrate how your work uses digital tools to connect and interact with its audiences?
  • Do you or your organisation use digital tools to gather audience data and information in order to understand audience behaviours and needs?

Organisational efficiency

  • Are you using digital tools to improve your organisation’s efficiency?
  • Are you using digital tools to network and connect your organisation with partners and stakeholders?
  • Can you demonstrate an understanding of how digital data can help your organisation to understand its value and inform planning?

Some outcomes we would expect to see:

  • The production of world-class creative work that uses technology in imaginative new ways
  • More organisations employing or working with technologists and programmers
  • More organisations investing in the skills of their existing staff
  • Digitally connected audiences who are able to engage with work in new ways
  • More efficient, sustainable organisations

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