Creative Learning Plan

Scotland's Creative Learning Plan

About the Plan

In September 2013 we published Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan which was developed with a range of partners. The document gives details of Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan, and includes Creative Scotland’s vision, aims and workstreams as we work with partners to deliver the plan.

The partners - Creative Scotland, Education Scotland, Scottish Government, College Development Network, and Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, Skills Development Scotland, General Teaching Council for Scotland and the Scottish Qualification Authority – will each implement a series of actions aiming to raise the quality and quantity of creative learning opportunities throughout Scotland.

The partnership also recognises and aims to builds on achievements following the publication in 2010 of the Scottish Government’s Education and the Arts, Culture and Creativity Action Plan.

Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan is the result of work by a partnership of organisations working across Scotland in education and creativity and sets out an ambitious vision for creativity in education over the next 10 years.

Among the changes the new partnership is aiming for are:

  • New policies and plans supporting creativity throughout Scotland
  • More creative teaching practices and support for creative initiatives within local authorities, schools and places of learning
  • More support for and understanding of the value of creativity and experiential learning by parents and carers.

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Scotland's Creative Learning Plan 2013

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EACC Action Plan

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Evaluation of the Creative Learning Plan

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