Voices from NYC


Creative Scotland's Chrissie Ruckley in conversation with Gigi Antoni (Chief Executive and President of the Big Thought Dallas, Texas), Eric Booth, (a leading arts education consultant and advisor), David Shookhoff, (Director of Education at the Manhattan Theatre Club), Melissa Freidman, (Artistic Director of Epic Theatre Ensemble) , Sarah Johnson, (Director of the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall) and Anne Gregg, (Director of Community Programmes for the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall).

The New York City Arts and Education Roundtable kindly invited Chrissie Ruckley from Creative Scotland to contribute to  their annual Face to Face conference as part of an international panel.  As well as giving an overview of work in Scotland to international  colleagues this presented an opportunity to share the aspirations of  ArtWorks and ArtWorks Scotland with artists, arts education managers and  creative thinkers from New York City.

As part of the trip Chrissie spent a day in conversation with a  number of key players in arts and education /social settings and  recorded some of their thoughts on how the ArtWorks Scotland lines of  inquiry relate to their own contexts.