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Artists and teachers talk about embedding creativity, plans and flexibility, what an artist brings to a school, working across departments, linking to the curriculum and successful planning and negotiation.

Video case studies

Making it Real, Working Across Subjects and Confident Planning and Negotiation

Teachers Alan McLuskey, Jill Leishman and ceramics artist Morag McGhee discuss how they delivered an interdisciplinary education project at St Machar Academy in Aberdeen.

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Fabric of the Land is a series of exhibitions based in Aberdeen exploring links between art and science, organised and curated by SMART Consultants on behalf of the University of Aberdeen’s Geology and Petroleum Geology departments.

In 2014 a Fabric of the Land arts education project with St. Machar Academy in Aberdeen brought ceramic artist Morag McGee and professional geologists from Dana Petroleum to work in partnership within the school's Art and Geography departments. Working with 46 S3 pupils during May 2014, the project created a dynamic, creative learning environment with artistic outputs and a particular focus on geology.

The arts education project was funded by Dana Petroleum and coordinated by Aberdeen City Council's Creative Learning Team. Cross curricular arts and partnership projects are at the heart of what the Creative Learning Team develop and deliver for Aberdeen City and this creative residency will bring vitality to the classroom and impact positively on teaching and learning.

For more details about the project read the Fabric of the Land blog.

Agreements, Plans and Flexibility - Pete Sparkes

Pete discusses Drake Music Scotland’s approach to creating the right processes to allow exciting, high quality, meaningful new work to be created.

Having A Plan So You Can Change It and What an artist brings - Moira Thorburn

Moira is a highly experienced Music Specialist who has worked with Drake Music Scotland over many years. She discusses how to keep creative work fluid and flexible, while working within a plan, and what artists bring to schools.

The Creative School: Looking Outward, Looking Inward - Grant Gillies

Grant discusses how he has embedded creativity throughout Dalry Primary School, introducing a range of arts and creativity based approaches, establishing a creative hub in the school, and winning the Creative Learning Award at the Scottish Education 2015 Awards.

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View Dalry Primary's blog and their Creative Learning Award.

Read more about Ripple Arts, mentioned in the interview, and Dalry's creative hub.

Planning for Needs and Dynamics and Reading the Room- Christie O’Carroll

Christie gives an overview of the things artists need to consider when going into a school, and talks about how to develop the skill of ‘reading a room’.

Timetabling for Creativity and Collaborative Planning - Kevin Brack

Kevin talks about his experience of working with the Lyceum in Edinburgh on Project Dream, discusses how to timetable for creativity, and the importance of collaborative planning for arts projects.

Useful Things To Know and Learning and Planning Together - Lorna McDonald

Lorna talks about the role of the local authority in brokering partnerships between schools and artists, and looks at some of the key useful things to know when going to work in a school.

Getting to the Core of What You Do - Heather Lucchesi

Visual artist Heather Lucchesi talks about how to focus on the core project purpose, while keeping it creative and delivering the best work.