ArtWorks Research

As part of the ArtWorks Scotland Programme, Creative Scotland commissioned research into the skills, knowledge and experience that artists (across all artforms) need to develop to work to a high standard in participatory settings, such as schools, prisons or communities.

This was conducted during 2012 by Consilium Research and Consultancy, over two phases with the structure of Phase Two informed by the findings from Phase One

Phase Two involved consultation with over 200 artists, as well as employers/commissioners, cultural organisations, HE and FE institutions and other bodies.

An appendix to Phase One of the report, showing the results of a mapping exercise to identify training opportunities for artists working in participatory settings within formal education and a range of cultural and other organisations, can be found here. (Please note this gives a snapshot at the time, and is not comprehensive).

In addition, as part of the ArtWorks Scotland team, Dr Fiona Dean undertook research linked to the ArtWorks Scotland programme. Her initial report focuses on learning from artists within the ArtWorks Scotland Peer to Peer Networks, and offers qualitative and quantitative insights into their career paths, motivations and thoughts on the factors that best support quality work in participatory settings.

Findings and recommendations from the reports were incorporated into the ArtWorks Scotland Action Plan, which includes piloting undergraduate placements and mentoring for artists working on funded projects, delivering a programme of knowledge exchange between artists and teachers and a series of events and annual conferences as well as development of an online resource.

For further details about the project, please contact the ArtWorks Scotland Project Lead:

Research reports

ArtWorks Scotland Report 2011-14

This report was prepared by Hilary Nicoll, Freelance Project Manager, ArtWorks Scotland, with support from Graeme Reekie, Evaluation Support Scotland, and Chrissie Ruckley, Development Officer, Creative Scotland and ArtWorks Scotland Project Lead.

ArtWorks Scotland Research: Phase 1

In support of the ArtWorks Scotland programme, Creative Scotland contracted Consillium Research and Consultancy to undertake research that focuses on the skills, knowledge and qualities that artists need to deliver high quality engagement in participatory settings.

ArtWorks Scotland Research: Phase 2

Phase Two involved more in depth study through consultation with over 200 artists (through the peer to peer networks), as well as employers/commissioners, cultural organisations, HE and FE institutions and other bodies, to define the skills and support needed in detail.

Developing a Foundation for Quality Guidance

This report was commissioned through Creative Learning in Creative Scotland and was linked to the work of ArtWorks: developing practice in participatory settings, and in particular the ArtWorks Scotland pathfinder.

Quality Perspectives - Artists and Partners

In 2012 and 2013 research was conducted with the ArtWorks Scotland supported Peer to Peer Networks. This research aimed to gain a clearer understanding of the PPN Membership and their practice as artists in participatory settings.