The Teaching Artist - The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Teaching Artist at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“This course came about because we knew that amazing artists need support to become good teachers too. Financial support from ArtWorks Scotland has allowed us to map out what 2 to 3 years of developing practice in this area would look like. It gave us the energy to really get started on part-time, post-graduate opportunities for socially-engaged artists to enhance their reflective as well as learning and teaching practices.” - Eona Craig, Head of Short Courses

The concept

The Teaching Artist series of credit rated short courses delivered by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) started as a concept for continuing professional development for staff at the organisation. The value of the work the team were doing in this area was quickly recognised and the support from ArtWorks, in the form of artist bursaries, has allowed Eona and her team to develop a set of modular, post-graduate credit-rated short course consisting of lectures, masterclasses, tutorials and interactive workshops, where students are expected to complete independent, collaborative and directed study. The courses attract students from within the institution as well as external part-time students from across Scotland and beyond.

Creating an online handbook 

ArtWorks has also supported the production of a student handbook, produced by RCS current students and recent graduates and hosted on the RCS website, which outlines the challenges and benefits of professional placements for artists-in-training and offers practical tips and advice for working in specific participatory settings.

The work is presented in the form of short-films, blogs, postcards and letters that have been commissioned from the students about their approaches, experiences and advice to students of the future who find themselves in similar settings or circumstances. The handbook guidance will continue to help support emerging professionals and artists evolving practice in arts education who want to enhance their learning and teaching with older people, people with autism, deaf and disabled people and the very young.

Watch a short presentation on the project below: