Healing Through Creativity

Published: 30 Mar 2022

Spit It Out presents: Aye Festival. Let's talk about consent, mental health and healing through creativity. Glasgow and Edinburgh June 2022. More info on spititoutproject.com

Spit It Out presents Aye Festival, image courtesy of Aye Festival

A new festival dedicated to healing trauma through creativity is gearing up to open its doors and welcoming artists and audiences, from 16–26 June 2022.

The Aye Festival is taking shape with the team behind the audacious Spit it Out Project which launched in 2019 following the BBC Documentary, of the same name, telling the story of aspiring Scottish rapper Bee’s journey of recovery from sexual assault through music and friendship.

Giving voice to artists with a myriad of lived experiences, the Festival will include events over two weeks.

Aye Festival’s Lea Luiz de Oliveira explains: "Since the creation of Spit it Out, our goal is to create a safe community where anybody can discuss their experience through creativity, find support and free themselves from shame and stigma. It’s all about opening up conversations around topics that are considered taboo in our society.”

Workshops, screenings, live talks and performances are being planned to take place over two weeks in Glasgow and Edinburgh and artists thinking of taking part or getting involved are invited to get in touch with the team now!

Lea says: “We want the festival to become a platform for trauma survivors and allies to come together to find inspiration, support and empowerment. We believe that the best way to break free from the cycle of violence and abuse is to educate the majority about important subjects such as consent, mental health and prejudices of any kind. Hopefully, the Aye Festival will be the occasion for many to find connection, understanding and community.”

Ahead of full festival details being announced, you can catch up on Spit It Out podcasts, zine, live performances and workshops dedicated to consent, mental health and creativity.

Image shows people in a garden. Two performers stand on a large path acting as a stage as they play instruments. The audience sits on outdoor benches

In the Light of the Day. Image by Brian Hartley.

The Aye Festival is one of forty five projects, groups and individuals across Scotland, receiving a total of £1,138,198 in the latest round of Open Fund awards through Creative Scotland.

Paul Burns, Creative Scotland’s Arts and Engagement Interim Director said: “Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, these awards are helping to bring to life new and inspiring ways for people within our communities to find connection, hope and a greater sense of wellbeing through meaningful creative expression and participation.”

Download the full list of February awards.



In February 2022, Creative Scotland’s Open Fund made 45 funding awards, totalling £1,138,198.

The Open Fund has no deadlines, and full eligibility criteria and application guidance can be found on the Creative Scotland website.

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Regular updates on all emergency funding in response to COVID-19 are available on Creative Scotland’s website.

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