Simplifying our Open Fund for Individuals

Published: 23 Jun 2021

A close up of someone sitting in front of a laptop - all we can see is their hands, one resting on the laptop and the other pointing at something on the screen

In response to feedback from applicants, Creative Scotland’s Open Fund for Individuals will move to a simplified online application process from Tuesday 10 August 2021.

Retaining its core purpose to support creative activity from individual artists, producers and other creative professionals in Scotland, as well as its assessment criteria, the refreshed application process will offer the following improvements:

  • An online application portal allowing applicants to edit and save applications, and to check eligibility before submitting
  • A proportionate application process, with questions and word limits based on the activity proposed and level of funding being sought
  • A more straightforward approach to accepting applications in video and audio formats for those with access needs
  • A published list of specific priorities to increase transparency in the panel decision making process

At present, these changes relate to the Open Fund for Individuals – the Open Fund for Organisations will be reviewed at a later date.

Key Dates

The current application process will close on Tuesday 3 August for one week, reopening with the new online portal on Tuesday 10 August.

Key dates to note are:

Tuesday 3 August: Deadline to submit applications to current Open Fund for Individuals and publication of refreshed Open Fund for Individuals guidance

Tuesday 10 August: Refreshed Open Fund for Individuals opens for online applications

We are planning a number of sessions to provide further insight to the refreshed fund. Dates of these sessions will follow.

Stay up to date

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