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Response to Scottish Government's draft budget 2021/22

Published: 28 Jan 2021

Following the Scottish Government's draft budget announcement, we are pleased to say that Creative Scotland’s Grant in Aid budget for 2021/22 remains broadly stable at £60million.

This settlement includes stable funding for Screen Scotland.

It also enables Creative Scotland to honour our previously announced commitment to a fourth year of funding for Regularly Funded Organisations, and to maintain funding for the Youth Music Initiative, and other key strands of support.

This stable budget settlement is particularly welcome given the extremely challenging context that the Covid-19 pandemic presents for art and creativity in Scotland and the significant pressures being brought to bear on public finances more broadly.

The settlement does not include any further emergency funds provided by the Scottish Government to help address the impacts of Covid-19, more than £64m of which is being allocated through Creative Scotland in 2020/21. We continue to have discussions with the Scottish Government as regards further emergency support provision.

The Creative Scotland Board meets on 24 February to discuss and approve the allocations of this budget settlement and more details will be made available after that.