National Youth Arts Advisory Group (NYAAG) Culture and Connection report launched

Published: 04 Feb 2019

Creative Scotland and Young Scot have launched a new report examining how young people across Scotland can shape their creative future.

Culture and Connection is based on findings from the National Youth Arts Advisory Group which first met in June 2017, and a national survey of young people, conducted by Young Scot, which saw 617 young people take part.

The report made a series of recommendations, in three areas, including:

Community participation

The NYAAG should work with local arts sectors to improve networks between young artists and further engage with local youth arts communities, allowing the sharing of expertise and creating a dialogue between the national youth arts sector, local youth arts providers and children and young people participating in the arts.


For the NYAAG to develop and deliver programme of skill-sharing through knowledge partnerships; enhancing organisations’ approach to empowerment and participation, highlighting and sharing best practice.

Pathways for growth

All children and young people should be given the opportunity to develop their creative capacity through education. The most important areas to look for in arts opportunities, according to young people are; the quality of the opportunity, its affordability and the ease of which you can access opportunities.

Young people identified a lack of creative course options and the importance of arts in comparison with other subjects in school.

Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop, said: “Creative Scotland’s National Youth Arts Advisory Group are playing an important role in helping to create opportunities for young people to continue to flourish through cultural participation and creativity.

“As shown by the report published today, arts and creativity have the power to bring people together and change lives for the better. This is why we must continue to work together to ensure that our young people are engaged and have a role in shaping the future of Scotland’s culture sector.

NYAAG Overview (with subtitles) from Media Education on Vimeo.

“We are determined to build upon the work carried out during Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018 and continue to inspire Scotland through our young people – celebrating their achievements and creating new opportunities for them to shine locally, nationally and globally.”

Allan Lindsay, Co-design and Participation Director at Young Scot, said: “The arts and creativity are hugely important to young people, as they should be, and it is right that the development of this sector in Scotland is informed by their views. “This report offers a positive vision for the future of Scotland’s art sector, and it demonstrates why young people can, and should be, at its heart going forward.”

Iain Munro, Acting CEO, Creative Scotland said: “The National Youth Arts Advisory Group have done a fantastic job of helping keep the ambitions of children and young people in the arts, from early years through to early careers artists, at the forefront of our thinking.

“Their drive and commitment to make their voice heard and take control of the agenda is impressive.  This report stands as a testament to their hard work and we will reflect carefully on its recommendations.

“We are grateful to all the young people involved and look forward to continuing to work with the National Youth Arts Advisory Group to help ensure there is a vibrant arts and culture in Scotland.”

You can download the report, Culture and Connection, on the Young Scot website.