Face to Face Expressive Arts During COVID-19

Two children inside a room, smiling looking through a window. Two adults on the other side of the window outside, one has their feet up on the glass and the other is cleaning the glass with a red rag

Buff and Sheen - Window Cleaning Clowning Company

This report, produced by Research Scotland, offers 8 case studies highlighting where creative practitioners and organisations have successfully delivered face to face work during 2020 in partnerships; in schools, in communities, and with families.

The report was commissioned by the Arts in Education Recovery Group, a collective of organisations who are committed to ensuring that children and young people in Scotland benefit from the unique qualities of engaging with the arts, culture and creativity, during the pandemic and beyond.

Each case study offers three perspectives; that of the creative practitioner, the partner, (school or other setting), and the children and young people. The case studies show that exciting, innovating, high quality creative work has been having a significant impact on children and young people in Scotland, including those living within the most challenging circumstances.

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Face ti Face Expressive Arts in Scotland During COVID-19

Face to Face Expressive Arts in Scotland During COVID-19