The Next Generation of Creative Crowdfunding - Phase 1

Increasingly, individuals, young organisations and even established companies are turning to crowdfunding as a means to support product launches and the development of new ideas. For smaller creators, crowdfunding can be the difference between a project happening or not.

As competition for funding increases and available funds shrink, crowdfunding is becoming a viable way to generate the early-days financial boost projects need to get up and running.

In this report, Paved With Gold, in partnership with Creative Scotland, introduce the main crowdfunding models for the creative industries and explain their potential uses. They discuss specific crowdfunding platforms, paying close attention to the criteria, audiences and success rates of each. By delving into specific campaign examples from each art form they identify key creators to follow up with and, finally, they give an overview of support currently available for creatives considering or preparing a crowdfunding campaign.


The Next Generation of Crowdfunding - Phase 1

This report introduces the main crowdfunding models for the creative industries and explains their potential uses. Download in PDF format.