Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide

Hosted on the Arts Infopoint website, the AIPUK Visa Guide is for international artists and cultural professionals planning to visit the UK for work purposes, as well as for UK-based organisations and venues planning to host international artists for work purposes.

It outlines the visa options available to those planning to work in the UK based on the Visa National/Non-Visa National UK immigration system.

The information has been collated into sections based on whether the individual will be undertaking unpaid or paid work, and whether they will be in the UK for short-term or longer-term work. This has been co-drafted by legal professionals but does not constitute legal advice.

Download the guide

Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide

Visit the Arts Infopoint UK website to download the Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide, created to help you understand the visa options available when planning a creative visit to the UK for work purposes.