Sector Reviews

Creative Scotland is committed to improving the way we fund the arts, screen and creative industries in Scotland in order to effectively support a thriving creative future for Scotland.

As part of this commitment, we're undertaking a series of comprehensive sector reviews with the aim of:

  • Providing an overview of the cultural ecology of each sector, the ‘state of the nation’.
  • Shaping our future priorities for funding.
  • Providing the basis for a more strategic approach to funding and support, which may lead to the provision of new services.

The reviews will all broadly follow the same 4-stage process:

  • Audit and mapping: understanding the sector landscape and ‘where we are now’.
  • Sector analysis: understanding the dynamics of the sector and what this means for the future.
  • Gap analysis: identifying where gaps and opportunities exist.
  • Reporting and recommendations.

Each review is being led by one of Creative Scotland’s Directors, with support from relevant staff. The reviews will also benefit from a Steering Group, bringing different perspectives and objectivity to the process.

Also see our extensive range of research, both produced or commissioned by Creative Scotland, or published by the wider creative sector.

Animation Sector Review

Published in March 2017 as the first comprehensive review of the Animation Sector in Scotland, this independent study was commissioned by Creative Scotland and carried out by BOP Consulting.

Visual Arts Sector Review

Published in October 2016, this report draws on evidence gathered from more than 1000 individual artists and organisations through open session discussions and online surveys

Literature and Publishing Sector Review

Published in July 2015, this review was undertaken to provide a complete overview of Scotland’s literature and publishing sector and inform future work that will best support the sector.

Film Sector Review

Published in January 2014, this review of the film sector in Scotland is one of a series commissioned by Creative Scotland that examine key cultural or creative sectors.

Music Sector Review

Published in September 2013, this review takes in the full spectrum of Scotland’s music and the music sector.

Dance Sector Review

Published in October 2012, the Dance Sector Review was undertaken to provide an overview of the dance sector in Scotland and inform future funding priorities for Creative Scotland.

Theatre Sector Review

Published in June 2012, the review of the theatre sector in Scotland was undertaken on behalf of Creative Scotland by Christine Hamilton Consulting and took place between 1 Oct 2011 - 30 April 2012.