Gaelic Language Plan

Creative Scotland recognises that Gaelic is, and continues to be, an integral part of Scotland’s heritage, national identity and our current and future cultural life. We are committed to the ambitions and aims set out in the National Gaelic Language Plan and will work, particularly, to ensure that:

“Gaelic use in the arts and other creative spheres has a range of positive benefits from economic to raising the appeal of Gaelic and strengthening loyalty to the language, offering opportunities for skills development, access to performances and for expression and participation at community, national and international levels.”

National Gaelic Language Plan 2017-22, Public Consultation Draft

This is the second Creative Scotland Gaelic Language Plan and it will cover the years 2019-22. This Plan is required of Creative Scotland as set out in the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. The Plan sets out how the work of Creative Scotland and the people and organisations we support across the Arts, Screen and Creative Industries, can help deliver the aims set out in the National Gaelic Language Plan, namely:

  • Promote a positive image of Gaelic
  • Increase the learning of Gaelic
  • Increase the use of Gaelic

This Plan sets out how the work of Creative Scotland supports Gaelic; the commitments we are making to action over the coming five years; and how we will implement and monitor the delivery of these commitments.


Creative Scotland Gaelic Language Plan 2019-22

View and download the Gaelic Language Plan 2019-22 in PDF format.

Gàidhlig Foirm dàta bliadhnail 2020-21 | Gaelic Annual return form 2020-21

Read our Annual Return form for 2020/21, setting out how we support Gaelic language and culture.

Gaelic Language Plan 2012-2017

Download the previous Gaelic Language Plan for 2012-17 (PDF).