Environment Action Plan

As set out in our Environment Policy, Creative Scotland, like all Government bodies in Scotland, has a statutory requirement under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, to act:

  • In the way best calculated to contribute to delivery of the Act’s emissions reduction targets; and
  • In a way that it considers most sustainable.

As a public body, Creative Scotland is required to develop and implement an environment policy and to report against this annually.

We also need to be able to demonstrate how we as an organisation and the organisations we support, contribute to an environmentally aware and sustainable Scotland.

There are three main ways that Creative Scotland can, and will, act sustainably and promote sustainable action and behaviour that will, in turn, contribute to a sustainable Scotland and help address the climate change issues that face us all globally. These are:

  • Mitigation: improving environmental sustainability through our funding, through our operations and through effective carbon management.
  • Adaptation: changing the way we work and the work of the sectors we support, to respond to climate change.
  • Sustainability: increase awareness and influence behaviour change through and through our advocacy and through the work of the arts, screen and creative industries.

This Environment Action Plan sets out in detail what Creative Scotland does already to deliver the above and what we intend to do in the future.


Creative Scotland's Environment Action Plan

Download our Environment Action Plan, for the period April 2018 - March 2021, in PDF format.