Rates of Pay Guidance

Creative Scotland is committed, through any activities we support, to ensure that artists and those professionals working in the creative community are paid fairly and appropriately for their time and effort.

We have publicly supported the Paying Artists campaign, and outlined in our Arts Strategy that we are keen to develop a stronger financial context for artists to work in.

Any organisation seeking funding from Creative Scotland is expected to pay artists fairly. Across all our funding programmes we expect organisations seeking funding from us to be clear about all costs they allocate in their budgets relating to the payment of people involved in delivering their work.

It is not Creative Scotland’s role to prescribe the rates of pay that any organisation applies when employing staff or when working with and/or commissioning artists and creative practitioners. The Rates of Pay Guidance document available to download below gathers together key sources of guidance on industry standards, union rates and codes of practice from key lead bodies.

Guidance on Industry Standards

Download our Guidance on Industry Standards rates of pay in PDF format.