Creative Scotland Scottish Government/Grant in Aid Logo

In receiving funding from Creative Scotland, you have agreed to be supported by the public purse. In order to ensure that this public support is acknowledged, you need to display the relevant logo credits on the materials supporting your work.

Funding will come from either from Scottish Government money, or funds from the National Lottery, and on your funding agreement from Creative Scotland it should clearly tell you whether the funding is Creative Scotland (Scottish Government / Grant in Aid) funding, or Creative Scotland National Lottery Funding.

If your funding comes from Creative Scotland's Scottish Government or Grant in Aid funding, then you should use the Creative Scotland logo below.

If your funding comes from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, then you should use one of the National Lottery logos.

It's important that you read the accreditation guidelines carefully before downloading the relevant logos below and if you have any questions about how to credit our support please contact

Creative Scotland Accreditation Guidelines

Details of how to credit support from Creative Scotland in your promotional materials.

Standard Creative Scotland Logo

Creative Scotland Standard Logo in Mono and Mono Reversed.