More support for theatre and dance producers

As part of our series looking back at 2014-15 projects, we revisit a project which set out to increase capacity in Theatre and Dance production across Scotland, with four venues being selected to host both established and emerging producers. 

Frozen Charlotte's How to Build a Dinosaur. Photo: Jenny Phillips 

The Producers’ Project was introduced by Creative Scotland in 2014 as a means to build the producing capacity of both the Scottish dance and theatre sectors. The idea developed following feedback (during both the Theatre and Dance Sector Reviews undertaken in 2012/13) that the sectors needed to help build the skills, knowledge and networks of freelance producers.

Four venues across Scotland (the Tron, Cumbernauld Theatre, Woodend Barn, and The Lemon Tree) each played host to one established and one emerging freelance producer - with the established producer taking on the role of mentor. These two-person teams worked collaboratively to produce the work of Scottish-based dance and/or theatre artists and companies of their own choice.

Heroine. The Lemon Tree 

As well as helping to establish new professional networks for the producers, the project also encouraged those involved to allow the relationship between the venues and producers to develop organically and reflect the development needs of both partners. Because the project gave all the producers a base from which they worked, this provided stability and the chance for the producers to focus time on developing their professional practice whilst also gaining a thorough insight to how a venue-based organisation operates.

What Goes Around, Cumbernauld Theatre. Photo: Eoin Carey 

The Producers’ Project also included regular network meetings for those taking part which allowed all the venues and producers to come together to exchange knowledge and experiences. Going into its second year in 2015/16, there are plans for wider sharing of learning from the project through the Federation of Scottish Theatre.

KaSt Dance Company's Fragile Paper. Produced as part of the Producers' Project. Photo: SimKaSt Dance Company's Fragile Paper. Produced as part of the Producers' Project. Photo: Simon Scoton Scott 

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