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Annual Review 2014/15

This report is our first Annual Review of Performance and refers to the financial year 2014/15.

It illustrates the wide range of work delivered by artists, creative practitioners and organisations across Scotland supported by our funding. It also explains our own ongoing organisational development work to strengthen our support for the arts, screen and creative industries.

The Review draws on data provided by the organisations and projects that we fund and provides headline analysis which we hope will be useful to everyone working in the cultural and creative industries sectors.

It’s important to note that, as 2014/15 was a baseline year, many increases against these indicators will only start to show in the 15/16 Annual Review. Some of these indicators may be subject to change should our overall levels of funding vary over this period.

As such, we will produce a Review every year to accompany our Annual Report, Accounts and National Lottery Accounts for the same period. We will continue to draw on the lessons learned from each report to strengthen our role as an accountable public body.


Annual Review 2014/15

Download our 2014/15 Annual Review as a PDF document.

Lèirmheas Bliadhnail 2014/15

Download a Gaelic translation of our 2014/15 Annual Review as a PDF document.

Annual Review 2014/15 - Text Only

Download a text only version of our Annual Review 2014/15 as a Word document.

Lèirmheas Bliadhnail 2014/15 - Text Only

Download a text only version of the Gaelic translation of our Annual Review 2014/15 as a Word document.


In the Review, we present progress against the five ambitions set out in Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition. These shared ambitions frame our work and the work of the people, organisations and projects that we support.

We’ve gathered together a selection of short profiles from 2014/15 to highlight some of the key projects and activities delivered by individuals and organisations, linked to our ambitions: 

Excellence and experimentation

We want excellence and experimentation across the arts, screen and creative industries to be recognised and valued and more diverse high quality artistic and creative work produced and developed across Scotland.

Access and enjoyment

We are committed to increasing the quantity and quality of opportunities for people of all ages to experience and learn from, the arts, screen and creative industries, wherever they are in Scotland.

Place and quality of life

We work in partnership with local authorities and others to ensure that places and quality of life are transformed through imagination, ambition and an understanding of the potential of creativity.

Leadership and workforce

We want ideas to be brought to life by a diverse, skilled and connected leadership and workforce that is more confident, knowledgeable and connected, helping to develop more sustainable business models.


Creative Scotland, and the creative individuals and organisations that we support, operate in a broader national and international context and we want Scotland to be a distinctive creative nation connected to the world.