(Un)scripted: Exploring British Sign Language

Solar Bear has created a guide for artists and organisations to create digital work that is accessible to deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL).

Solar Bear, a theatre company that works with deaf and hearing actors, theatre makers, artists and young people, have worked with the DH Ensemble to create a series of short films for artists and companies planning to work with deaf actors or to explore using sign language in their work.

(Un)scripted explores the possibilities of working with British Sign Language (BSL), English, and visual storytelling within a theatrical context.

Over the course of 2 weeks, a group of deaf and hearing artists from across the UK explored questions around how best to work with deaf writers,  how to translate written English into BSL and how best to work with hearing and deaf artists when making visual theatre.

The resulting films offer tips, ideas and provocations to inform and inspire you when considering how to approach adopting British Sign Language into your production.

Explore the films

(Un)scripted was supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, and Arts Council England.