Youth Music Initiative Impact Report 2018/19

About the Youth Music Initiative

This impact report sets out findings from an impact focused review of the Scottish Government Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme during 2018/19 (up to June 2019). The YMI is administered by Creative Scotland.

The findings in this report are based on over 100 end-of-project (or EOP) reports produced by individual projects or organisations who delivered activities under the auspices of the YMI in 2018-19, across the three funding strands that the YMI supports, namely:

  • The Formula Fund (school-based activity)
  • The Access to Music Making Fund (out-of-school activity)
  • The Strengthening Youth Music Fund (out-of-school activity)

Download the introduction and report

About the Youth Music Initiative

Download our introduction to the Youth Music Initiative in PDF format.

YMI Impact Report 2018/19

Download the full 2018/19 YMI Impact report in PDF format.