Made in Scotland Funding

About the Programme

Made in Scotland is a curated showcase that promotes high quality music, theatre and dance from Scotland-based artists, to international promoters and audiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year.

It is a partnership between the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Creative Scotland, the Federation of Scottish Theatre (FST) and the Scottish Music Centre (SMC). Made in Scotland is supported by the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund – awarded to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.

The purpose of the Programme is to raise the international profile of Scottish artists through the promotion of Scottish work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and this fund supports the Made in Scotland Showcase as well as Onward International Touring.

Made in Scotland Showcase 2022

Please note, applications are now closed


Made in Scotland aims to raise the international profile of Scotland-based artists through the promotion of their work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with specific focus given to showcasing the work to international promoters and programmers and developing onward opportunities.

Funding is available to help support the presentation at the Fringe of new or existing artistically ambitious work with strong onward potential as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase. All applicants should be considering their international ambitions for the show being presented.

We are looking to support high-quality, artistically ambitious productions or performances which promote the work of artists based in Scotland and are export-ready for the international market; and/or productions or performances which involve Scotland-based artists, and companies in international co-productions or in collaboration with international festival directors and promoters.

Funding and support


The total budget available for the Made in Scotland 2022 programme will be in the region of £300k. There is no minimum or maximum request. Please note that in the past the budget has supported between 15-20 awards.

Made in Scotland funding should not be your only source of funding. For guidance, in 2020 the average request applied for approximately 55% of their overall budget. You should only apply for costs that are eligible, as indicated in the guidelines.

Please Note -  Following a review of the Guidance originally published on 14 Sept 2021, the Made in Scotland partners responded to sector feedback and have agreed to allow Accommodation as an Eligible cost for support through the Made in Scotland Showcase fund. Where relevant, you should include any request for support for Accommodation in your budget and overall funding request. Update made, 27 October 2021.


Those selected to be part of Made in Scotland will also receive support and advice to help them prepare for participation in the programme, including advice on marketing, venues, networking and much more.

Who can apply

Applications can come from individual artists, companies, organisations, promoters, record labels and venues. All applicants must be based in Scotland. Student and non-professional companies are not eligible to apply.

Organisations already in receipt of Creative Scotland Regular Funding, Open Project Funding or other Targeted Funds are eligible to apply, but need to clearly demonstrate the additional benefits that support from Made in Scotland will present.

How to apply

Applications are now closed. You can still download the guidance notes and application questions from the Downloads section at the end of the page.

Onward International Touring

Please note, applications are now closed


One of the key aims of Made in Scotland is to maximise the benefit for Scottish artists on the international platform that is the Fringe.

As well as supporting the actual showcase of work during the Fringe each year, Made in Scotland also has separate funding available to enable artists, bands and ensembles based in Scotland to take up new international touring opportunities for work programmed as a direct result of the inviting promoter seeing the work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Who can apply

The Made in Scotland Onward Touring fund is open to any individual or company based in Scotland which has presented a professional piece of theatre, dance or music at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe between the years 2015 to 2021 and which, as a result, was seen, and programmed, by an international presenter for the first time.


The budget is now fully allocated. We anticipate that they will re-open in early Autumn.

This funding is designed to help support international invitations that artists, companies and musicians may receive directly from their performances during the Fringe each year, and we aim to give decisions on applications within eight weeks of receipt.


Made in Scotland Onward International Touring Guidelines 2022

View and download the Made in Scotland Onward International Touring guidelines in pdf format.

Made in Scotland 2022 Fund Guidelines

View and download the Made in Scotland 2022 Guidance in PDF format. Updated 27 October 2021

More Information

If you require more information on the Made in Scotland Showcase visit the Made in Scotland website or email the Festival Fringe Office on

If you require further information on the Made in Scotland Onward International Touring Fund, contact Laura Mackenzie-Stuart:

If you require any other general advice about Creative Scotland funding please contact our Enquiries Service.