Multi-Year Funding

Multi-Year Funding will replace several routes to year-on-year funding that we currently offer to organisations, including our Regular Funding, and elements of our Open Funding and Targeted Funding.

2pm, Wednesday 24 April - Deadline for Stage 2 applications
By end October 2024 - Applicants informed of Stage 2 decisions

The Multi-Year Funding Programme offers funding for creative and cultural organisations - supporting core costs and their programmes of work for the initial period April 2025 - March 2028.

This fund replaces the Regular Funding for Organisations (RFO) funding programme. It will also replace elements of regular support provided through a number of other routes such as Open Funds and Targeted Funds at levels of £50k a year and higher.

It was mandatory for all applicants to register their interest via the Intention to Apply form, which closed at 2pm on 10 August 2023.

Stage 1 applications closed on 25 October 2023. Stage 2 is closed for applications - the deadline was 2pm, Wednesday 24 April 2024. For the full timeline of each stage, see the Guidance for Applicants.


  1. What the fund supports
  2. Eligibility
  3. Funding amounts
  4. Timeline
  5. How to apply
  6. Applicant Support, including FAQs and Information Session
  8. Read the latest updates

What the fund supports

The Multi-Year Funding Programme has been designed to support organisations which seek funding for sustained programmes of creative or cultural activity. It is intended for organisations which wish to enter into a sustained strategic funding relationship with Creative Scotland, including Screen Scotland.

We expect this will be a highly competitive fund that will be required to support a wide range of activity. To make informed decisions about which activity to support, we will require applicants to provide us with a level of detail that will enable us to make the best decisions according to our published criteria.

Alongside the Multi-Year Funding Programme, an opportunity to apply for funding on an annual basis will continue for a period after the introduction of the Multi-Year programme. Screen Scotland also has a range of other funds which support screen projects and can be found on the Screen Scotland website.


The priority for this fund is to support non-profit-distributing organisations based in Scotland that are looking to undertake a programme of creative and cultural activity that delivers public benefit by aligning well with Creative Scotland’s Funding Criteria.

For definitions and a list of the eligible types see our Guidance for Applicants.

All applicant organisations must have a UK bank account in the same name as the applicant organisation. All organisations applying for funding from Creative Scotland will be required to pay all directly employed staff at least the Real Living Wage and confirm that Effective Voice for workers is in place in their organisation.

Funding amounts

There is no upper limit to applications, but there is a minimum annual level of award of £50,000.


The full timeline, including past dates, can be found in the Guidance for Applicants.

Upcoming dates


  • By end October 2024 - Applicants informed of Stage 2 decisions


  • Tuesday 1 April 2025 - Multi-Year Funding begins

How to apply

Applications have been managed through a two-stage process, following an initial Intention to Apply stage, which was mandatory for all looking to apply for Multi-Year Funding.

Intention to Apply

The Intention to Apply form closed at 2pm on 10 August 2023. All those who submitted an Intention to Apply were provided with details of Information Sessions for applicants, as well as next steps for Stage 1 applications.

Stage 1 Applications

Stage 1 applications closed at 2pm on 25 October 2023. Only those who submitted an Intention to Apply were able to proceed with Stage 1 applications. Applicants were informed of Stage 1 decisions at the end of February 2024.

Stage 2 Applications

Stage 2 applications closed at 2pm on Wednesday 24 April. Supplementary Guidance for Stage 2 Applicants was made available.

Applicant Support

Multi-Year Funding FAQs

We have added a number of FAQs on Multi-Year Funding, covering topics such as:

  • Applying alongside other funding routes
  • Requirements of organisations
  • Application stages
  • Funding amounts
  • Application process

We hope that this provides useful information and support, but if your question is more specific than those covered in these FAQs, please do get in touch with our Enquiries team.

Information Session

A recorded version of the Information Session delivered for Stage 1 applicants is available. Watch the Information Session on Vimeo.


Supplementary guidance for Stage 2 applicants was made available. The Supplementary Guidance document should be read in conjunction with the Multi-Year Fund Guidance made available at Stage 1.

Stage 1 Guidance for Applicants downloads

View all Guidance for Applicants downloads for Stage 1 applications

Stage 2 Guidance for Applicants downloads

View all Guidance for Applicants downloads for Stage 2 applications

Read the latest Multi-Year Funding updates