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Trad Arts Mentoring

Piping Live - Stirling 2012

About the Programme

In 2012/13, Creative Scotland supported specific activities to help strengthen and develop the traditional arts sector in Scotland – which led to the development of specific funding initiatives for the traditional arts such as the Small Traditional Arts Fund, the Traditional Arts Mentoring Fund, and Traditional Arts Commissioning Fund.  This fund supported mentoring partnerships between emergent talent in the traditional arts, with established leaders in the field.

The Traditional Arts Commissioning fund ran between 2012-13 and is now closed.  From September 2014, anyone interested in funding for this sort of activity should now look at the Open Project Fund.

If you require any advice about Creative Scotland funding, please contact the Enquiries Service on 0845 603 6000 (10am-12pm & 2-4pm Mon - Fri, voicemail outwith these hours) or email enquiries@creativescotland.com.