Creative Place Awards

Lewis Lighthouse (photo: Colin Cameron Photography)

About the Programme

The Creative Place Awards were established to recognise communities where people work together to celebrate and promote their town, village or area through the arts and culture. The awards enabled them to build on their strengths and to try new things. Applications were encouraged from cultural organisations, community groups and local authorities to represent their village, town or community to bid for an award.

The awards ran from 2012 to 2015. To read more about the winners of the Creative Place Awards 2015, click here.

Downloads and resources

Creative Place Awards 2015 - Information Guidelines

View and download the guidelines in pdf format.

Duaisean Àite Cruthachail 2015 - Fiosrachadh

View and download a Gaelic translation of the guidelines in pdf format.

Further Information and Resources

To help you in pulling your Creative Place Awards application together, we thought it would be useful to signpost you to some relevant information and online resources.

Creative Place Presentations on Vimeo

See previous winners on Vimeo.